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A Golden Summer for Ring of Honor: The Revamp of an Honorable Women’s Division

Written by Kimmy Sokol 

Wrestling summers are some of the most exciting times in wrestling. Major pay per views, huge storylines, and for Ring of Honor, even rebranding their women’s division. 

Ring of Honor has tried to build a constant women’s division for years, but with the first lady in professional wrestling, Maria Kanellis Bennett in charge things are looking up for ROH.

The women’s division tournament was supposed to be last year, however, due to COVID-19, it had to be delayed until this summer. 

Every Wednesday on ROH’s Youtube channel at 7 pm EST fans get a look at Women’s Division Wednesday. After one match we see Maria grant someone their “ticket to gold” into the summer tournament to crown a new women’s champion. After 11 incredible weeks, we have 14 participants confirmed so far for the tournament.

Nicole Savoy: Savoy has had her fair share in multiple wrestling promotions. As the longest-reigning Shimmer Champion, Savoy also competed in the inaugural Mae Young Classic, a tournament put on by WWE which included multiple independent women superstars. Savoy got into the ROH tournament via fan vote, fans were able to suggest names to Maria and she was impressed. 

Mandy Leon: Leon is no stranger to ROH. Having been in the company for around eight and a half years the Allure member is ready to make her mark on this tournament. Leon received her ticket to gold as Kanellis decided she finally deserved an opportunity to shine although she was highly confident on Zoom, time will tell to see what she does this summer.

Willow Nightingale: Willow has taken the wrestling independent scene by storm. The “Babe with the Power” has been seen in Shimmer, Rise, and ARE Dark amongst others. Willow took on Alex Gracia and after a tremendous win received her ticket to gold. While doing a backstage interview Maria went over to her as Willow reacted with an overexcited hug that she will now be a part of this honorable tournament.

Mazzerati: Competing in Impact, NWA, ROH, and other promotions around the globe Mazzerati has taken the ROH world by storm. Mazzerati competed against Angelina Love, although coming up short still impressed Maria. Maria granted Mazzerati a ticket to gold as she was screaming inside; she was so grateful for Maria’s opportunity.

Miranda Alize: Being trained by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T the “Lucha Baddie” has also made her waves through ROH. From also competing in the Mae Young Classic, competing in AEW and Shimmer Alize has been very impressive. Picking up a singles win over Trish Adora and also a tag team win teaming with Sumi Sakai defeating Mazzerati and Trish Adora. Alize received her ticket to gold from a skate park trying to wind down and get ready for the tournament this summer.

Allysin Kay: Former Impact wrestler, a Mae Young Classic competitor and a former NWA women’s champion must I say more. Kay has wrestled for over 12 years and her experience and her friendship with Maria got her in the tournament. Kay is an excellent veteran name for all these fresh talents to compete against as the tournament will start later this summer.

Trish Adora: As the current Pan Afrikan World Diaspora champion and a former member of the US Army Adora has quite the resume. Although Adora lost in her match against Alize and also lost in a tag team match teaming with Mazzeratti and competing against Alize and Sakai, Maria was still impressed. Maria was so impressed with Adora’s dedication and passion for wrestling that she also received a ticket to gold.

Max the Impaler: Max has made quite the impression during Women Division Wednesday so far. Teaming with Rok-C and defeating Hyan and Laynie Luck, also defeating Hyan in singles competition. However, they are not alone. The “Diamond Diva ”, Amy Rose has aligned herself with Max as they wreak havoc all over ROH. Max was seen last week destroying Allie Recks, as part of the Allure’s plan to give women more opportunities. Max was given their ticket to gold, scaring Maria as they screamed in the camera.

Angelina Love: The Impact veteran has a lot to prove in the tournament this summer. After already securing a bye in the first round, Love has made her presence felt. Her constant arguments with Maria, and her cocky attitude can only bring her so far. As a former ROH Women’s champion, can she make it to the finals and capture the gold again?

Sumi Sakai: As an ROH veteran and the oldest competitor in this tournament Sakai has been a joy to watch over the coming weeks, She comes out and high fives the invisible crowd and brings the crowd to life. Sakai is one of two former ROH Women’s champions, so it will be interesting to see how she fares over these new young upstarts.

Alex Gracia: The “Pink Dream” is turning golden this summer. Garcia has been appearing a lot on AEW Dark and also recently had a tryout with WWE. Garcia fought very hard to get into the tournament after losing to Willow. She begged Maria to give her another chance and after picking up a win against Gia Scott she was able to secure her ticket to gold!

Holidead: As Thunder Rosa’s former tag team partner, Holidead is most known for her vibrant face paint and high pacing moves. She is no stranger to ROH, as she has wrestled there since 2017 competing in dark matches. Now she finally has her chance to prove herself as she has a golden opportunity.

Marti Belle: Whether you were watching her in the Dollhouse or watching her make history in the inaugural Mae Young Classic, Marti Belle finally had her golden opportunity, Belle impressed Maria enough throughout her time in Impact, WWE, and NWA that she gifted her a ticket to gold. Belle has openly stated she wants to face her best friend Allysin Kay in the finals, but it’s only a matter of time to see if this dream becomes true.

Chelsea Green: Ring of Honor is about to get a “hot mess”. Recently released WWE superstar Chelsea Green got her ticket to gold as she made her debut at ROH’s pay-per-view “Best in the World”. Although she has to wait a month to compete because of a prior injury, Chelsea is ready to take ROH’s Women’s Division to the next level and to the forefront of wrestling.

Vita Vonstarr: As a former STAR Pro Women’s champion and manager of the Righteous, Von Starr is also no stranger to ROH. After a substantial effort against Sumi Sakai, Vonstarr sadly came up short. After going up to Maria and demanding an opportunity the member of the board finally said yes after one condition. If Vonstarr interferes in any men’s matches she will be out of the golden tournament. Unfortunately, she did not listen to Maria’s orders and her ticket has been taken away from her.

Allie Recks: All of our hearts go out for Allie Recks. After holding her own with Angelina Love and then having to deal with the Allure’s tactics she has to face Max the Impaler. In this match, Recks hurt her knee and sadly had to reject her ticket to gold. However, it is like Maria said, “Don’t decline, say not right now because there will be more opportunities”. 

Rok-C: Last but not least the youngest of them all Rok-C! At only 19 years old she is a force to be reckoned with. Picking up a win against Laynie Luck and with a successful tag team with Max, Rok-C was the first woman to receive a ticket to gold. Rok-C is the youngest Diamond Divas Champion, at Booker T’s school Reality of wrestling. Although she is 19 she wrestles like a veteran and has impressed many in the tournament including Maria.

The tournament is slated to start July 31st on ROH TV, with the finals to take place at the September pay per view. Maria wanted to give other spotlights and give opportunities to those who deserve it. She has done an amazing job, and we can not wait to see what Maria and ROH have in store for the rest of this golden summer.


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