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Good Bye to All That Podcast: Loki Season 1

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This week on Good Bye To All That, Michael T. Ford III is joined by Corey Pruitt aka TASK (@UpToTask), Comic Twitter personality and co-host of the SuperSuit Show (@SuperSuitShow) podcast, to discuss the MCU’s latest series on Disney Plus, LOKI, starring Tom Hiddleston reprising his role as the titular character, picking up from his escape with the Tesseract during the events of AVENGERS: ENDGAME.

Show Topics discussed include:

  • How LOKI differed from the two event series that preceded it, and how knowing it was getting a second season affected the way the narrative was constructed.
  • The way the show benefited from tempered expectations to both raise the stakes for the rest of the MCU meta narrative and unleash a new Big Bad.
  • What the unleashed MCU Multiverse could mean for the rest of Phase 4 and beyond.
  • The role of Jonathan Majors’ He Who Remains in the Season 1 climax, and what we’d like to see from other Kang variants.
  • Whether the TVA worked overall, and what we think TVA 2.0 will get up to in Season 2.
  • Judge Renslayer, her overall effectiveness as both a character and an antagonist, and what we’d like to see from her in Season 2.
  • Richard E. Grant’s performance as Classic Loki, and how his single episode arc in the penultimate episode was Emmy-worthy.
  • Sylvie’s arc, and how it resonated for viewers who themselves experienced childhood trauma.

You can follow host Michael T. Ford III on Twitter and check out his Racial Draft Podcast and various MCU review podcasts on the Racial Draft Podcast Network.

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