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A Golden Winner: A Breakdown of the Ring of Honor Women’s Tournament

Written by Kimmy Sokol

After waiting over a year for the golden tournament, ROH’s Women’s Division is ready to crown a new champion. With 15 competitors and one wrestler getting a bye in the first round the tournament is really building up. These are my predictions for ROH’s Women’s Division Tournament.

First Round: Sumie Sakai vs Rok-C: This is an interesting match-up between a veteran and a new star. The 19-year-old prodigy is looking to prove herself amongst the 14 other individuals in the tournament. Sumie Sakai, who is the inaugural women’s champion is trying to prove she still has it amongst the rising stars in the tournament. However, as a fellow 19-year-old, I am going with the prodigy here. Winner: Rok-C

Mandy Leon vs Quinn McKay: Mckay has had her fair share of problems with The Allure. Between The Allure finding various ways to make sure Mckay does not get in the tournament or attacking her on social media. Mckay was voted into the tournament by fans as Maria and others used the hashtag, #GetQuinnIn. For personal retribution and for The Allure to FINALLY not get their way I am going with Quinn Mckay. Winner: Quinn Mckay


Max the Impaler vs Holidead:  As Holidead got into the tournament by Marias respect for her work, Max has made their presence known. They have single handedly destroyed anyone ROH has put in their way, and with the “Diamond Diva” Amy Rose in their corner Max is unstoppable. I sense as if the Impaler will move on in the tournament. Winner: Max the Impaler

Miranda Alize vs Alex Gracia: The Pink Dream has fought so hard to get her ticket to gold. At a recent signing with her and Maria in NYC, she begged the member of the board to give her another opportunity. Gracia also made a video on Twitter as to why she deserves this opportunity. Alize on the other hand has proven herself amongst the competitors. Defeating Trish Adora and also being successful in a tag team match teaming with Sumie Sakai, the “Lucha Baddie” has made her presence known so far. However, the golden tournament is going to become a little bit pink. Winner: Alex Gracia

Mazzerati vs Nicole Savoy: Nicole Savoy is no stranger to making history in women’s wrestling. As the former longest reigning Shimmer champion, and also competing in the inaugural Mae Young Classic, she is prepared for this tournament. Although Mazzerati has come up short in matches that were before the tournament she has had a great showing so far. However, the history maker has this one in the bag. Winner: Nicole Savoy

Allysin Kay vs Willow: The former NWA women’s champion is ready for a fight in the first round. Kay is also no stranger to women’s wrestlers on the independent scene. However, the “Babe with the Power” is also looking to make a huge statement. After defeating Alex Gracia in pre tournament matches she has an edge on Kay who has not stepped into a ROH ring yet this year. Due to experience, I am going with Allysin Kay. Winner: Allysin Kay

Marti Belle vs Trish Adora: As a former member of the US Army, Adora has a lot to prove. She is the current Pan Afrikan Diaspora champion. Although she has come up short in pre tournament matches she is looking to make a huge comeback, Marti Belle is trying to make a statement. She was handpicked by Maria due to her hard work on the independent scene. Also due to experience, I am picking Marti Belle. Winner: Marti Belle

QuarterFinals: Rok-C vs Mandy Leon: The prodigy vs a member of the Allure. Since Mandy and Angelina can not be at ringside for each other’s matches it will be interesting to see how they fare without each other at ringside. Although Mandy has been a staple in ROH’s women’s for so long, the prodigy will be going 2-0 in the tournament. Winner: Rok-C

Max the Impaler vs Angelina Love: With having a bye in the first round Love is coming into this match fresh. Max has helped Angelina in the past as she took out Allie Recks who got pulled from this tournament due to injury from Max. The veteran will have the advantage in this match advancing to the semifinals. Winner: Angelina Love

Alex Gracia vs Nicole Savoy: The history maker and the pink dream advance to round two. Both uprising stars are trying to prove themselves to make it to the quarterfinals of the tournament. As this would be a huge deal for either competitor to advance, the pink dream will not be making it into the semifinals. Winner: Nicole Savoy

Allysin Kay vs Marti Belle: Being real life best friends in real life in this business has perks. These two know each other’s moves sets in and out, this match also has the potential to be the best match in the entire tournament. Marti Belle has said it would be a dream for the two of them to face each other in the tournament. To me experience will play a big role in this match Allysin Kay will be advancing into the semifinals. Winner: Allysin Kay

Semifinals: Rok-C vs Angelina Love: This match is a passing of the torch style match. The young 19 year old vs the 17 year old veteran. It will be interesting to see how Rok-C fairs against a six time TNA Knockouts champion. Unfortunately for the Allure, they will not be making it to the finals and Rok-C will get the upset win advancing to the finals. Winner: Rok-C

Nicole Savoy vs Allysin Kay: This match might be the most technical match within the whole tournament if this bracket is 100% accurate. These two faced each other in an NWA ring in 2020, with Allysin Kay taking the win. I predict a similar outcome happening in our final semifinal match. Winner: Allysin Kay

Finals: Rok-c vs Allysin Kay: This is a toss up. Experience wise Allysin Kay has this in the bag, however Rok-C  has shown to be dominant on ROH’s stage so far in 2021. Allysin Kay will bring a lot of eyes to the tournament as she is one of the more recognizable names within the tournament. With the winner of this tournament facing a hopefully healthy Chelsea Green, I am going with the upset here. The prodigy will go all the way and her golden dream will be destined. Winner and new champion: Rok-C

The tournament officially starts on July 31st with three first round match ups. Sumie Sakai vs Rok-C, Mazzeratti vs  Nicole Savoy, and Alex Gracia vs Miranda Alize. The tournament will conclude on September 21st at Death Before Dishonor. Make sure to tune in exclusively on Honor Club or on your local listings. 

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