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Lindsey Stirling Lights Up The Met in Philadelphia with The Artemis Tour

Pop Break Live: Lindsey Stirling, ‘The Artemis Tour’ at The Met in Philadelphia – August 3, 2021

Lindsey Stirling, the multi-talented electronic violinist, brought her Artemis Tour to The Met in Philadelphia Tuesday night. The anticipation for this show was really high! The place was buzzing and you could feel the great vibe the moment you entered the venue’s doors. It was the first concert performed at The Met since last year and the first also for many attendees since the pandemic started.

Stirling and her dancers were in fine form the entire night. It was a cool stage setup with a large screen that projected beautiful visuals throughout her set. The lighting was stunning at times and very theatrical but we really didn’t need much more. It’s a visual treat just to see Lindsey leaping, twirling, kicking and even hanging upside down in the air (while playing her violin). Her concept album Artemis was inspired by the Greek goddess of the moon and was a big part of the theme of the show. Her violin was actually shaped like a bow.

In between songs there were many inspirational talks based on her own personal struggles throughout her life. She spoke of the power of positive thinking and said she is a firm believer in the power of wishes, dreams and magic. As a child she always wanted to dance and be a musician. Stirling has toured all over the world and sold out a lot of shows along the way. Honestly, who would have thought that being an electronic hip hop violinist would be “a thing?” Her never give attitude she stated may come off as corny but as I watched the children in the room hanging on her every word I thought damn, this is a powerful.

Some of the songs that stood out were “Underground” and “Artemis” but “Crystallize” and “Between Twilight” were the real visual stunners! There were also many costume changes that included a masquerade ball gown, tribal outfit, futuristic punk skater, deer antler headdress and a pirate outfit (complete with parrot on the shoulder). The chemistry between Stirling and her four dancers was incredible. The fans have gotten to know them from her previous tours and they’re always a highlight of the show.

There were many funny moments in the show including a pirate skit with her dancers where she let the audience chose what scenarios they would act out(based on cheers), a brief appearance by her beloved chihuahua Luna, who came out with balloons but one of the funniest of the night was when the venue fire alarm went off during one of her talks. It was loud and went on for a while but Stirling handled it like a pro. She eventually said, I guess it’s time for some knock knock jokes. The audience laughed and a fan screamed out “You’re so hot Lindsey you set the fire alarm off!” I guess there’s a first for everything.

There are a few things you can always count on at a Lindsey Stirling show. Expect to be entertained from start to finish, expect to laugh often  and expect to walk out with a smile on your face. What a great night for the Met, the fans and especially for those like myself who saw their first show since 2020. What a special night!


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