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Socially Distanced Podcast #69: The Suicide Squad-Cast aka The TDK Stan-Cast

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Squad up! The Socially Distanced Podcast is back at the movies. In the 69th episode hosts Al “Rick Flagg” Mannarino and Bill “King Shark” Bodkin are talking about James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad — now streaming on HBO MAX and playing in theaters.

However they are not alone. Pop Break Podcast Guru Alex “Please Don’t Call Me Amanda Waller Ever” Marcus (he’s more akin to Sebastian aka Chrispratt) and Pop Break Social Media gun-for-hire Alisha “Black Guard” Weinberger join the episode to discuss all the glories of the movie and most importantly Nathan Fillion’s TDK.

In the episode they discuss the film’s box office performance, a potential sequel, the Peacemaker spinoff, Weasel, what parts of TDK actually detach as well as the best and worst members of The Suicide Squad.

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