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The True Best in The World: Thunder Rosa

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The term, “Best in the World” often gets thrown around in the world of professional wrestling. Over the years CM Punk, Chris Jericho, and many more have equated the term to their wrestling personas. But what really makes someone the best in pro wrestling? Persona? In-ring work? Or maybe just leaving the business better than you found it?

Let’s start with the in ring work. Thunder Rosa is no stranger to gold around her waist everywhere she goes. The former NWA Women’s World Champion has carried championships in AIWF, EBPW, Shine and many more promotions. The Number 1 ranked competitor in the AEW Women’s rankings (27-2) consistently steals the show whether it’s on Dark, Dynamite, PPV, or Dark Elevation. Currently her match against Brit Baker is my front running Match of the year pick, with her match against Shida for the title being in my MOTY conversation last year. Whether she is working a reigning champion or an up and coming independent talent, all eyes are on her when she is in the ring. She will always make her opponent look good.

Speaking of the independent scene, her contributions to that part of the business have been absolutely next level. Aside from working a lot of independent talent in the ring she has given a platform to not only independent women’s wrestlers, but women’s production crew with her Mission Pro Wrestling promotion.

“Thunder Rosa understands that in order for women’s wrestling to continue to grow there needs to be action from those women with influence in order to coach and lead the next generation. That’s exactly what she’s done with Mission Pro Wrestling! ” – Mission Pro’s / IWTV ‘s Sam Leterna

Outside of the ring, Thunder Rosa is a family first individual who is ALWAYS giving back to the community at large. Several times this year, Thunder Rosa has been volunteering at food banks all over the country. Additionally she has taken the time to address issues in the business by coming on our podcast to discuss the #speakingout movement.

“I love volunteering,” Thunder Rosa said a video posted on Sportster,  “I always volunteer in my local community — I’m from San Antonio — and I’m part of the outreach community, and this just hits home.”

Anyone who has worked with her can tell you that she is always the hardest worker and most energetic in the room. She always brings so much positive energy with her, yet can be a force to be reckoned with if you’re standing across the ring from her.

It is for all these reasons that I say that La Mera Mera is literally The BEST in the business and FOR the business. And don’t be surprised if this person who gives so much back to the business, is your NEXT AEW Women’s Champion.

Rob Crowther IV
Rob Crowther IVhttp://bobculture.podbean.com
Rob "Bobman" Crowther IV is host of The Bob Culture Podcast and drummer for local Jersey rockers, Vextion. This drummer with a mic can often be found on the site reviewing wrestling, superhero shows, and movies. Rob loves to put the spotlight on up and coming local bands and indy wrestling talents. @bobculturepod

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