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Lighting Up the WOW Reboot: Women of Wrestling Gets Some New Superheroes

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Written by Kimmy Sokol 

WOW: Women of Wrestling has been a top independent promotion for six seasons. The promotion was founded in 2000 by David McLane — who also owned Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) — and co-owned by Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss.  There have been many recognizable wrestling stars who have competed in WOW such as AEW talent Thunder Rosa, Diamante and Kiera Hogan, Impact Wrestling’s Jessicka Havok and Alisha Edwards, former WWE and Impact wrestler Katarina, former NXT superstar Santana Garrett and the first-ever female to hold the Impact World Heavyweight Championship Tessa Blanchard.

Yet, the last episode of WOW aired on November 23rd, 2019, airing on AXS TV. After almost a two-year hiatus WOW is making a full return in the fall of 2022. With a brand new reboot that means a ton of new “superheroes” and they definitely have a WOW factor to them.

After over six years of being out of the wrestling scene, AJ Mendez (formerly AJ Lee in WWE) has made her return as an executive producer and a commentator. During the press conference, Mendez said, “Growing up I have never seen someone who looked like me on TV and I have never seen myself represented, but my goal after wrestling was to create characters for the next generation, so every girl could see themselves on TV and know that nothing was impossible.” This is a huge deal to get AJ back into the fold she could definitely help some of these women “light up” the wrestling scene.

Next, you have Tessa Blanchard. There has been a lot said about Blanchard, but there’s one thing you cannot deny about the third generation wrestler — she is a hard worker. A former WOW heavyweight champion is now the face of the WOW reboot and will be one of the casting directors for this new reboot. As WOW continues to search for the next generation of superheroes, Blanchard will help that cause. Blanchard is an extraordinary wrestler, however, one cannot deny all the stories that have come out about her over the past two years. Regardless, she will definitely draw eyes to the reboot and show the WOW universe why Wow will be covered in diamonds.

Other superheroes [WOW’s designation for their wrestlers] confirmed for the reboot are; Danni Bee, Imo Akpan, Alex Gracia, Killa Kate, Briana Montez, and the current WOW World Champion for over 875 days and counting The Beast.

However, these superheroes are not the only ones making history. 14-year-old wrestling fan sensation and host of “The Hot Tag with Izzy” has also announced that she is a part of the reboot. Over the summer, Izzy has been seen training with Blanchard, and she has been a key part of AEW media calls over the last couple of months. It is unclear what role she will be playing in the reboot, but being proud is an understatement.

The Wow reboot starts in the fall of 2022. They currently have a TV deal to air on over 160 ViacomCBS affiliates. WOW is currently the only all women’s promotion that has a TV deal. This is not only a big deal for wrestling but an even bigger deal for women’s wrestling. Although there is more information to be shared we have long ways to go until the fall of 2022! Watch out wrestling universe Women of Wrestling is back and in with the new generation, and always remember to expect more


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