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Rival Sons Bring ‘Pressure & Time’ 10th Anniversary Tour to Philly’s Fillmore

Rival Sons Pressure & Time 10th Anniversary Tour at The Fillmore in Philadelphia – October 23, 2021.

Rival Sons played their highly acclaimed album Pressure & Time Saturday night at the Fillmore in Philadelphia. The band is currently on a six week trek in celebration of the album’s 10th year anniversary. It’s not very often you get to hear a band play one of your favorite albums in its entirety, so it was no surprise that this crowd was hyped up to the max for this show.

The band opened their eighteen song set with the bluesy “All Over the Road,” which set the tone for one of the most energetic shows I’ve seen in years. The band, lead by charismatic frontman Jay Buchanan, ripped through the rest of the album and then took a short break. I found it hard to pick which songs I thought the fans really reacted to because every song was met with a really loud response. You could tell the crowd knew this album like the back of their hand. A few highlights that stood out was the drumming of Mike Miley on “Pressure and Time” and “Burn Down Los Angeles.” Scott Holiday’s signature guitar riffs throughout the evening were incredible and at times jaw dropping.

The second set opened up with the song “Too Bad,” whose opening chords sound like something you’d hear from Metallica. It’s definitely one of their hardest songs to date and it really got the crowd going. The band played a few other gems from other albums that included: “Open My Eyes,” “Electric Man,” “Do your Worst” and “Keep on Swinging.” The chemistry between guitarist Scott Holiday and bassist Dave Beste was impressive throughout both sets but a big shining moment was on the long jam on “Feral Roots!”

Two of the biggest highlights from the second set came from some of the bands slower stuff. They played a powerful spirited nine minute version of “Jordan,” which included a sing along from the crowd. It was a stunner. The other song, “Shooting Stars,” had Jay Buchanan performing solo. Armed with an acoustic guitar he captivated the crowd in a way I hadn’t seen by a performer in a long time. He really is one of the best singers in rock. It was absolutely beautiful. Once in a blue moon you hear something and consider it “a moment” and this was one of those times.

Rival Sons performed an incredible two hour set for this Philly crowd and it couldn’t have gone any better. This band is truly one of the best live bands you’ll ever see. They have that classic throwback sound that you just can’t get enough of.

Setlist via Setlist.fm:

All Over the Road
Young Love
Pressure and Time
Only One
Get Mine
Burn Down Los Angeles
Save Me
Gypsy Heart
White Noise
Face of Light
Too Bad
Open My Eyes
Electric Man
Shooting Stars
Feral Roots
Do Your Worst
Keep On Swinging


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