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Comic Review: Image Comic’s Radiant Black #7

Here we go. Big battle time! This issue saw some delay in release, but the wait was worth it. I don’t follow too closely, but I have been aware shipping schedules and delays have been frequent from the various distribution companies now handling them.

I have to point out during the battle, the heroes wind up in Tokyo for a reprieve, only for someone watching to ask: “Which Sentai is that?”

I love it when the writers know what their fanbase is thinking.

Let’s get to it. The action goes off like dynamite and our makeshift team are thrown into the fire. This new “Radiant” who could possibly be “The Radiant” is shown completely dominating the group. This new one, has a sword. This enemy means business.

This issue is all battle. Which is something the prior six issues did not have as much of. We did have a few bouts with Radiant Black vs. Red, however those were contained. This new one, with some intriguing power of “glitching” which the Radiant Yellow, yet to be named, seems to conjecture it as a method of distorting time and/or reality to transport when or wherever it wants to go.

Similarly, we learn the Radiant Pink, who Yellow calls Eva, is revealed to have some amazing teleportation powers, which she is still trying to master. Even so, she still manages to help the four escape on multiple occasions. The final jump, she manages to catch their pursuer, who is at the hands of Red and Yellow.

We see Yellow a bit more in action, and he seems to be an older gentleman who I envision becoming a mentor or the team leader at some point. Granted the series is called “Radiant Black” but seeing Radiant Yellow in charge, or at least in a mentorship role would be fitting.

Now, before we close this review, I did not yet tell you the glass-shattering event which took place. During the stream of teleports, Pink and Black wind up in space. Random, to be sure. However, in a moment, they teleport right in the middle of a larger war taking place, with some being bearing a darker resemblance to the alien whom Marshall saw in his mind-link with the suit. Perhaps The Radiant is not one being, but perhaps a race of war-like aliens? This could be mean the current attacker currently being held by Yellow and Red, may be one of them, or perhaps a messenger from The Radiant?

Ah! Too exciting!!

This series thus far is my favorite of my current pulls.


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