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The Flaming Lips Ignite the Fillmore in Philly

Pop Break Live: The Flaming Lips with Particle Kid – American Head American Tour 2021 at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Flaming Lips brought their visual extravaganza to the Fillmore in Philadelphia on November 7th. The band is on their East coast leg of the tour, which started in Philly and ends in Washington, DC on November 16th. They’ll follow that up with dates in the US, Canada and the UK, which will run into 2022. This grammy winning band is touring in support of their newest album, American Head, released in 2020 to really great reviews.

The show opened up with Particle Kid (Micah Nelson) and his super talented band. The audience really got into their set, especially on “Everything is Bullshit” and on “Amerikan Lyfe.”

Before their set even started, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne came out to talk to the audience. With the tragedy at the Astroworld Festival last week, he wanted to assure the audience that they were the bands first priority. He said the band is always watching the crowd and if they see someone in distress they’ll stop the show and resume it later if they had to. They also asked the audience to look out for their fellow concert goers as well. This sentiment was brought up a few times during the night as he’d ask the audience if everybody was doing ok. It was heartfelt and really endearing.

The Flaming Lips set was a great mix of new and old. Surprisingly one of their songs, “Do You Realize,” usually reserved as part of an encore was moved to #2 on their set list. Right before the song started, a huge rainbow arch was extended into the pit in front of the stage. Then out came the confetti cannons! It was a wild way to start the night and it set the tone for the rest of the show. Because of covid, Coyne performed most songs from the bands infamous “bubble” on stage. There were no balloons bouncing around nor any sightings of Coyne riding a unicorn through the audience as in previous shows but with the stunning visuals throughout the night, it was still a joyous romp.

One of the highlights of the show was their first ever performance of the song “Why Does It End,” which came out 15 years ago. The Flaming Lips ending the night with “Race For the Prize.” During the song they brought out a gigantic Fuck Yeah Philadelphia balloon and then let loose with an insane amount of confetti.

It was a great night of music at the Fillmore and definitely one of those feel good shows that linger with you weeks later. They’ve been around for decades but The Flaming Lips are still one of the best live bands around!

Flaming Lips Setlist (via Setlist.FM)

My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
Do You Realize??
Dinosaurs on the Mountain
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1
Flowers of Neptune 6
At the Movies on Quaaludes
She Don’t Use Jelly
Silver Trembling Hands
Will You Return / When You Come Down
Waitin’ for a Superman
Why Does It End?
Feeling Yourself Disintegrate

Sunship Balloons
All We Have Is Now
Race for the Prize
Song played from tape


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