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Review: NBA 2K22

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Over the years, I often get asked why I purchase “the same” game, year after year, in regards to sports and wrestling games. As most gamers know, the answer is quite simple. We look for updated rosters, improved gameplay, graphics upgrades, new storytelling, and something that just brings us closer to what we watch on television. I’m happy to say that NBA 2K22 brings all of those qualities and more.

The graphics for this game are absolutely next level. From the character models to the arenas, it is an absolutely visually stunning game. Create a player models are a bit more plentiful than in previous installments and the option to scan your face into the game via the MYNBA2K22 app is always a cool feature.

As for the MY CAREER mode, I was pleasantly surprised to find that during your first few games during a college tournament, your player actually has some skill as opposed to previous year’s installments. I think this accounts for less frustration in this particular story mode, and more desire to continue on.

However, you will inevitably have to put in a lot of time and effort to build your custom player to gain the desired attributes.

Unfortunately, as in common with most games these days, NBA2K22 is very micro-transaction heavy. Yet it is not necessarily needed to improve your player. Alternatively, you can just put in the time to build your player. Just be prepared to be putting in a LOT of work

The major issue with the previous year’s installment (NBA2K21) was the shooting mechanics. I’m very pleased to say that the shooting in NBA2K22 is fixed and quite possibly better than ever. The shooting meter is larger than the one we are used to, but still implements some degree of skill by the player. I honestly couldn’t be happier with this improvement. The  green fire which implements a perfect shot is the icing on the cake and also reminds of the “He’s on fire,” elements of the NBA Jam days.

Hands down, my favorite feature is the Quick Play where you straight up play a game with your favorite team against friends or the CPU. It looks amazing and is just good fun. The presentation with the player interviews and analysis from our favorite TNT crew (sans Barkley) is absolutely next level. This is where the replay value thrives. Bonus points to 2K for adding every NBA team’s Public Address Announcer into the game which is something I longed for back in the early 2000s installments.

Overall, 2K22 is just a really solid basketball game that made a great impression upon the very first play through.  Unquestionably light years ahead of last year’s installment, 2K22 is a must have for any NBA fan.


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