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Couch Potato – Five Cartoons That Deserve Revivals

Revivals and reboots have become commonplace in the streaming era of television. For better or worse, networks and streaming services are giving popular shows from years past another chance to please long-time fans and bring in new audiences. This trend has especially been true for animated television shows like Rugrats and Animaniacs. Last month on Disney+ Day, the streaming service announced it is reviving the iconic X-Men of the ‘90s and delivered a trailer for the return of the beloved Proud Family cartoon sitcom. As more animated series rise from the television graveyard, here’s a look at some cartoons that deserve a revival or reboot but have not yet been resurrected.

Danny Phantom

Having only aired for three seasons and 53 episodes, Butch Hartman’s Danny Phantom was a moderate success for Nickelodeon and garnered several Annie Awards (the animated equivalent to the Emmys). Danny Phantom’s balance of comedy and action gave the show broad appeal, and the show’s many references to other ghost-related properties served as fun Easter eggs for fans. While some of the humor hasn’t aged well, Danny Phantom remains an endearing show about a teenage superhero made in the same mold as Spider-Man. Though the show did not experience as much success as Hartman’s long-running The Fairly OddParents, the series has developed a cult following and inspired a petition on Change.org to bring back the show

Static Shock

Another show following a 14-year-old suddenly gifted with extraordinary powers after a bizarre accident, Static Shock was notable for being the first instance that a Black superhero was the lead character of an animated series. Running for 52 episodes and a total of four seasons, the adventures of Virgil Hawkins/Static received a nomination for a Daytime Emmy Award and bravely tackled social issues such as racism, school shootings, and trauma.

This Kids’ WB show also featured appearances by several athletes and celebrities, including Shaquille O’Neal. While the series may not garner as much nostalgia as Batman: The Animated Series or Justice League, Static Shock was a strong addition to the DC Animated Universe and a positive step toward diversifying the genre. The character of Static has recently been featured in episodes of Young Justice and is scheduled to star in his own live-action film, so now may be the perfect time to revive this original adaptation of the Milestone Comics hero.

Gravity Falls

Though it only aired for two seasons and 40 episodes, Gravity Falls earned acclaim and several Emmy and Annie awards during its short run on the Disney Channel and Disney XD. On top of this critical success, the show developed a fanbase from a diverse age range due to its impressive combination of mystery and comedy. Though the show’s creator, Alex Hirsch, originally decided to end the show after two seasons, he has since expressed interest in resuming the story in the form of a video game or other avenues. While fans may be content with a video game continuation, another season would likely be warmly received as well. 

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Originating as an Oscar-nominated short film, Courage the Cowardly Dog spawned four seasons with 50 episodes from 1999 to 2002 on Cartoon Network. The show’s combination of dark humor and supernatural horror made the series a uniquely twisted addition to children’s television until it was joined by the likes of Nickelodeon’s Invader Zim. Following the titular canine’s attempts to protect his adoptive family from a variety of villains and monsters, the series is both a love letter and gateway to the horror genre.

While the show’s creepy visuals and frightening situations may be off-putting for some viewers, Courage’s unyielding loyalty to his owner is sure to charm animal lovers. While plans to create a prequel series have stalled, Courage’s recent crossover with Scooby-Doo and creator John Dilworth’s public comments suggest that Warner Bros. may not be done with this character just yet.

Kim Possible

With 87 episodes and two made-for-TV animated movies, Kim Possible is by far the longest-running series on this list. However, the show’s enduring popularity has proven strong enough to convince Disney to produce a live-action television film in 2019. Given the franchise’s continuing appeal, a revival of the original animated series would likely be a major hit on Disney+. By bucking gender norms and stereotypes in the spy and action genres, Kim Possible stands as an important piece of feminist storytelling in the same vein as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. With its strong blend of teen comedy and espionage action, Kim Possible remains a property that Disney could either reboot or revive (perhaps depicting Kim and Ron’s adventures in college or young adulthood). 

Are there other series that you think deserve a revival? Name them in the comment section below. 

Josh Sarnecky
Josh Sarnecky
Josh Sarnecky is one of Pop Break's staff writers and covers Voltron: Legendary Defender, Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things. His brother, Aaron, also writes for the website, but Josh is the family’s reigning Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars champion.

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