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Comic Review – Image Comics Presents: Radiant Black #9 – Heart-Wrenching

I teared up reading this. Honest-to-Primus.

Be warned, spoilers are ahead.

I’m starting off by putting my hands together and praising the work by Kyle Higgins, Eduardo Ferigato, Marcelo Costa, and Becca Carey. The work up to this issue has been nothing short of fantastic. The story feels natural, the action doesn’t feel forced, and the story really does have a personal touch to it.

Then came this issue, where this took the most gut-wrenching turn I have read in a long time. The writers and artists produced an issue which every reader was brought to their emotional knees. This is no complaint. This is my ultimate praise. I don’t know how, but the creators managed to come up with a story which feels like it was ripped from current events, and managed to ground our superpowered characters in a way which has not been done in years.

Our original protagonist, Nathan Burnett is in a hospital bed, on life support. The issue flashes back to days where Marshall and Nathan are hanging out, enjoying life. In the present, Marshall is shown trying to recover his reputation since word is out he is the Radiant Black. This doesn’t go over well, and he visits Nathan every day to tell him about it. He tells him about the sudden surge in possible copycat Radiants, as more superpowered people arrive, and seem to align with devious intentions, as Marshall stops each one. His banter in these short fights remind me of the banter from Peter Parker during his escapades. Radiant Black and Spider-Man appear to have some similarities.

Satomi shows up to see Nathan as well. Nathan’s parents are featured prominently, and this just hits me. Could you imagine living knowing your son is on life support?

Marshall goes as far as to try and finish Nathan’s book. He tries so hard, the stress causes him to see a vision of Nathan. They even go for a walk and talk about the book. Marshall can’t shake something does not feel right. Is this really a dream?

The dream turns to nightmare as the doctors inform the family, “it is time.” The doctor, patiently, slowly explains the process, and this is where I break. My guts would be shattered if this were real. To these characters, it is. In that moment, Marshall realizes something laid out to him earlier by the strange alien being, and the clues dropped by “Nathan” earlier. Marshall begs them too stop, but it is too late.

With determination and nothing left to lose, Marshall tries communicating with the alien. No luck. So he runs and stands on familiar tracks, awaiting the inevitable arrival of an incoming train. With little waiting, a train finally approaches. The alien suddenly replies, and the final words from Marshall areĀ not appropriate for this column, but I’ll edit it enough to drive the point home. Next issue, big #10 – “Let’s f****** GO.”

Radiant Black #9 is now available at your local comic book retailer.


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