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AEW Beach Break 2022 Review: Very Nice, Very Evil

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Four words. Four.

Very Nice. Very Evil.


As Adam Cole pulls a ladder from under the ring, our Nice and Evil friend Danhausen rides out, sending the internet into a frenzy. Jim Cornette might lose his mind. Danhausen is the next Orange Cassidy in all forms. I thought a black hole was about to open. 

Just think, when Cassidy made his debut, it was in comedic style as well. Now it’s Danhausen’s turn. 

If you believe me or not, Matt Cardona created the path for using the power of the internet to the advantage of becoming a commodity in pro wrestling. 

The opener featured the TNT Championship undisputed ladder match. Excellent match. No blood, which is a plus. Cody and Sammy traded control of the match, and the truth is, as expected, Sammy was the MVP. He took bumps and delivered some sick ones. Some were pretty scary and could have ended badly, but thankfully everyone came out unscathed.  We had a leap frog over a ladder into a huge cutter, a Cross Rhodes off the top, plus a huge super-duperplex which was tremendous in execution. Sammy has truly become an epic star, and his persona maintains his full badassery while showing appreciation and humility. 

The closing moments saw a fight a top the ladder, resulting in Sammy gaining advantage and knocking Cody off the top. The crowd erupts as Sammy grabs both belts to win. 

Sammy Guevara is your undisputed AEW TNT Champion. 

Wardlow defeated jobbers. Sean Spears attempted to insert himself with chairshots, but this time it was stopped by a disinterested Wardlow. 

Inner Circle defeated Daniel Garcia and 2point0

Pretty good match, between two teams who I believe will have long futures in AEW, Santana and Ortiz against 2point0. Garica will inevitably become a singles wrestler. Jericho… He’s just “there” for the time being. Jericho and the boys will tease the breakup of Inner Circle until Eddie Kingston returns from injury, and I do believe at that point, the Inner Circle will dissolve. At this point Sammy is on his own, Hager has been absent for majority of the last few months. 2021 was a year for stables, 2022 will be something completely different. 

Really good sequence towards the end, with Santana and Ortiz keeping their promise of handling business themselves, leaving Jericho on the ring apron for the whole match. However, it was Jericho’s sneak attach with a Judas to Garcia, allowing Santana to spike him with a piledriver for the pinfall. 

CM Punk is out to an ovation in Cleveland. He doesn’t want to talk, he wants to fight. He wants to dispose of MJF’s crappy scarf, and dispose of MJF. Well, MJF arrives to oblige, but not tonight. As usual, he answers with a “no.” However, he promises to fight and defeat Punk in his hometown of Chicago, next week. MJF goes on further, stating after Punk loses next week, he will bail on wrestling once again, making numerous references to Punk losing his interest in wrestling “when he doesn’t get what he wants.” MJF refers to Punk “whining on a podcast” which is turned against him. Punk reminds MJF how he’s a fan and that why he listens to podcasts and how he had to make hard choices to save his career and doing what he had to do. MJF is about to fight, but instead the entire Pinnacle comes out to ambush Punk.

The crowd is roaring for Wardlow. We want this to be the moment… But not tonight. Reluctantly, Wardlow complies with MJF’s orders. 

Backstage: Julia Hart is chosen by “Smart” Mark Sterling to be the next challenger for the TBS Championship. Griff Garrsion attempts to interject, but Julia brushes his protection off.

“Legit” Leyla Hirsch defeated Red Velvet

Hirsch carried the majority of the match, Velvet tried, but it seems as though the match chemistry wasn’t there. 

Promo from House of Black, promising pain in the future of Death Triangle. Brody King speaks very eloquently. 

Also backstage Matt Hardy and Private Party look forward to facing Jurassic Express for the AEW Tag Team Championships on Rampage.

In-ring segment with Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. – Typical heel segment of putting herself over while trashing the hometown crowd and sports heroes as heavily as possible. Segment showcases her accolades, but did not do anything else. No challengers, no interruptions, a rarity in pro wrestling at all. However, the segment seemed to fall flat on the live crowd as chanting seemed to take over or they got distracted by something else. 

Despite this, the good doctor is one of the best in the company. 

Main Event of Beach Break 2022 The Lights Out Match – Orange Cassidy defeated Adam Cole

It’s rare to see a member of the Elite lose, but we’re seeing it more often. Nick Jackson lost to Trent Barretta on Rampage, and now Cole take an L as well. I enjoyed this match, as it is rare to see Cassidy in “serious mode” from the get go. Cole focused most of the match on Cassidy’s hand, crushing it between the ring stairs and ring post, which sliced it open. Cole seemed to dominate for quite some time, but Cassidy would come back with the use of foreign objects, which Cole would then seize the chance to use as well. This is where Danhausen would appear to everyone’s shock and confusion. Cole, either sensing victory or feeling doubt, calls for The Elite. Brandon Cutler out first, but taken out by Wheeler Yuta. Next out is Bobby Fish who is intercepted by Chucky T. Here come the Young Bucks who wind up brawling with Trent and Rocky Romero. The fight then spills to the floor, as Cassidy counters a nut shot by wearing a “steel cup” but later is hurt by Cole lobbing a light fixture. Cole climbs the top of the entrance tunnel, but loses sight of Cassidy, who is RIGHT BEHIND HIM. Cassidy gives Cole a big ol’ hug, then takes him for a big ride down with the Beach Break, and Cole looks like he got parked on his head as they go crashing through a platform. Cassidy on top, referee Bryce Remsberg makes the count and this main event is over!

Overall, a hot start and a hot finish to Beach Break 2022. The middle of the show had some good moments with CM Punk, MJF, and House of Black’s promo. The show didn’t need every segment to be huge, once in a while we can have a lower-key program. I thought we were going one week without a surprise, but surprise! I’m wrong. 

It’s OK to be wrong, but AEW could tone it down with each week having a big reveal or surprise. Because when the surprises start running out, spoiled viewers may feel differently.

AEW Dynamite Beach Break 2022 is now streaming on TBS and is on demand.


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