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Jaret Reddick on Bowling for Soup’s New Album, Alexa Bliss, The Mavs & More

For nearly 30 years, Texas punk rockers Bowling For Soup have rocked the world many times over with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Having followed the band over the years, I can personally attest to the rock outfit having the most epic shows and most loyal fanbase you’ll ever come across.  The secret to the band’s longevity has been the nonstop creation of quality punk rock albums, singles, epic music videos, and the aforementioned live shows.

Bowling For Soup’s latest album, Pop Drunk Snot Bread is no different as it lives up to  everything we’ve always known the band to be: an amalgamation of real life, comedy, pop culture, and heart.

Pop Break had the chance to sit down with the heart and soul of Bowling for Soup, frontman Jaret Reddick. Pop Break’s Rob Crowther IV (host of the Bob Culture Podcast)  talks to Jaret Reddick about the new record, the upcoming tour with Less than Jake, Alexa Bliss, the Dallas Mavericks, advice for up and coming bands, and more.

Pop Drunk Snot Bread is now available at all your favorite record stores as well as all major streaming platforms.

Rob Crowther IV
Rob Crowther IVhttp://bobculture.podbean.com
Rob "Bobman" Crowther IV is host of The Bob Culture Podcast and drummer for local Jersey rockers, Vextion. This drummer with a mic can often be found on the site reviewing wrestling, superhero shows, and movies. Rob loves to put the spotlight on up and coming local bands and indy wrestling talents. @bobculturepod

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