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Brooke Alexx on Representing NJ on NBC’s American Song Contest, Taylor Swift & More

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Musicians that come from New Jersey are often intrinsically tied to their Garden State lineage for the majority of their career. However, there are very few artists that can say they actually represented New Jersey on national television.

Brooke Alexx, a native of Old Tappan, did just that on NBC’s American Song Contest — the American version of the famed Eurovision contest — which ran from March through May. The series, hosted by Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg, featured performers and judges representing the United States and its territories. Notable performers include: Michael Bolton (Connecticut), The Crystal Method (Nevada), Allen Stone (Washington), Sisqo (Maryland), Jewel (Alaska), Macy Gray (Ohio) and Brooke Alexx for New Jersey.

Recently, Brooke Alexx spoke to Pop Break about the inspiration she received from Taylor Swift, performing an original piece (“I Don’t Take Pictures Anymore”) on national television and new music on the horizon as she prepares to perform at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey on Saturday June 11.

In an NJ.com piece from earlier this year it stated you moved to Nashville when you were young to pursue a career in music after hearing Taylor Swift. What was it about Taylor Swift that inspired you to uproot your whole life and move to Nashville?

Before Taylor, I had never seen a girl near my age writing her own songs. I realized I could too and that’s when I started guitar lessons and songwriting. Nashville is home to the best songwriters in the world, so naturally it made sense to come here.

What is your definitive Top 5 Taylor Swift songs of all-time?

“Enchanted,” “Blank Space,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” “Love Story,” “I Did Something Bad.”

Where were your earliest live performances and what lessons did you take away from them?

I did a lot of musical theater as a kid – especially at the Helen Hayes Youth Theater. I think being on stage made me become a more confident person as I grew up.

Talk about the process of getting on NBC’s American Song Contest?

I submitted a couple songs via the show’s website and heard back that they were interested in my song, “I Don’t Take Pictures Anymore.”

How did it feel representing your home state of New Jersey?

It was an honor to learn more about my home state and represent the place that has supported my dream since I was a child.

What’s the story behind ‘I Don’t Take Pictures Anymore’ — the song you performed on the show?

Growing up during the rise of social media, I used to take pictures of everything and anything and post them for the world to see how cool I was. I realized, as I get older, I don’t feel inclined to capture things as much. And I wondered if that because I’ve matured and become more secure in myself or is it because I’m jaded and life doesn’t excite me as much anymore. The song is about recognizing you’re not the same person as you once were, and owning that.

What insight/wisdom/lessons did you gain from your experience on the show?

It was an incredible opportunity to perform a caliber way higher and with greater resources than I’m used to at this stage in my career. I got to work with the best of the best and it really pushed me to rise to the occasion.

Do you have any new music on the horizon?

Yes! I’m so excited for the next era of music, since the show tied up my last EP. My next single, “Dumb In Love,” drops on Thursday, June 23.

If someone has never heard you before and what song would you recommend them check out in order to truly understand who you are as an artist?

“Grace!” That song changed everything for me and inspired my latest and more successful body of work.

*What’s something you’re most excited about in the coming year?

I’m excited to continue the momentum I’ve been building! Can’t wait for y’all to hear the new music!

Brooke Alexx performs at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City on Saturday June 11. Click here for tickets.

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