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The Anniversary Brothers Movie Podcast: Air Force One 25th Anniversary

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Aaron and Josh Sarnecky have returned for their movie retrospective on Air Force One. Joining them is the Commander-in-Chief of The Pop Break, Bill Bodkin.

Air Force One is an action film directed by Wolfgang Petersen. It open in theaters 25 years ago, on July 25, 1997.

In the movie, President James Marshall (Harrison Ford) fights for control of Air Force One after terrorists take the other passengers hostage. Leading the terrorists is Egor Korshunov (Garry Oldman), who seeks to rebuild the Soviet Union. Assisting President Marshall on the ground is Vice President Kathyrn Bennett (Glenn Close).

The film was generally well-received and the fifth highest grossing film of 1997. It earned Oscar nominations for Best Sound and Best Film Editing.

Aaron, Josh, and Bill talk about the film’s plot, characters, and action. They also discuss its place in Harrison Ford’s filmography and how it compares to other ‘90s movies.

For another action movie podcast, you can listen to the brothers and Bill talk about Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Air Force One is available on Prime Video and Apple TV

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