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Good Bye to All That: The Boys S3

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Once a month, Pop Break contributor Michael T. Ford III welcomes on to the pod one special guest to discuss one of the most buzzed about series celebrating a recent season or series finale.

This month, Michael is joined by Marshall and Courtney from the Blerd Watchers podcast to discuss Amazon Prime series The Boys Season 3. Among the topics discussed were:

– The role of social commentary in elevating the show past pure shock value

– The series deciding not to play it safe in Season 3

– Soldier Boy, Homelander and generational takes on toxic masculinity

– Stan Edgar and his hold over Homelander and others

– Black Noir and his tragic arc

– Billy Butcher, the parallels between him and Homelander, and whether he is ultimately redeemable

– Mother’s Milk and his relationship to Billy Butcher

– Starlight, the most sympathetic but often least compelling character on the show

– Possibilities for a new Black female character in Season 4

– Maeve’s arc, and how she ultimately exited the series

– Kimiko being a season highlight, and whether her story was ultimately tragic or triumphant

– A-Train and the Deep, the sycophants of The Seven

– What we’d like to see in Season 4 overall

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