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Roses & Rejections: The Bachelorette Season 19 Episode 4

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Welcome back to another episode of our podcast all about the ABC reality series The Bachelor and it’s many spin-offs.

ThePopBreak.com’s Michelle Coraci, who has been recapping all things Bachelor for The Pop Break for years, and co-host DJ Chapman, of Mostly Nitpicking, are back for the Season 19 of The Bachelorette…sort of! 

Michelle will both be back soon later on this season, but while she is on baby leave, Live Laugh And Lovey host Lovey McPherson is helping DJ break down all the drama.

This week DJ and Lovey cover all the craziness as the Bachelorette moves to Paris, France (as well as a very nice cruise ship). We cover all the drama, including Rachel’s spiraling, the odds of her finding a man, and what the hell is wrong with Hayden. We also give our predictions for Gabby’s men, who we are slightly more optimistic on.

If you have thoughts or suggestions for what you’d like Michelle and DJ to cover during the offseason, be sure to reach out via twitter @Roses&Rejections!

Here’s ABC’s Official Synopsis of The Bachelorette Season 18 Episode 4:

“Still reeling from last week’s shocking rose ceremony which split them into two groups, Gabby and Rachel’s men board the Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady, setting sail across Europe on their journey to find love. Starting off in Paris, France, two lucky men join the leading ladies on an unforgettable rainy-day adventure in the city of love where Gabby and her date shop for berets in the district of Montmartre, and Rachel and her guy learn the art of French crêpes near Notre Dame. The next day, Gabby’s group date challenges her men to show their willingness to fight for her love … literally … while Rachel and her group of guys make a surprise visit and cheer them on from the sidelines. Later, Rachel and her suitors head to a majestic castle for a lesson in the art of romance, where one man’s vulnerability earns him a private dinner. At the cocktail party, Meatball reveals some damning information about one of his housemate’s vulgar comments about the Bachelorettes, leading Rachel to take matters into her own hands.”

Alex Marcus
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