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Socially Distanced #123: Predicting the Future of the MCU: X-Men, Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts

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The Socially Distanced Podcast is a podcast hosted by two pop culture obsessed dads who were stuck in quarantine and decided to take their Facebook messenger conversations and turn them into a podcast.

Join hosts Al Mannarino and Bill Bodkin as they discuss everything in the world movies, music, sports, television and pop culture — everything keeping them sane in this time of socially distancing. This podcast is powered by ThePopBreak.com.

Now onto the show…

Originally this week we were going to talk about the NFL, so we apologize for that but schedules didn’t work out.

Instead, we’ve got something pretty cool happening.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has so many new films and TV shows on the horizon. Hosts Bill Bodkin and Al Mannarino are joined by Allie Nelson and Tyler McCarthy of The Not Couple Goals podcast to predict the future of the MCU.

The inspiration for this podcast comes in two parts, first all the potential D23 news and second, the announcement that Ben Kingsley would be returning to the MCU as Trevor Slattery.

Let’s start there what side characters from the MCU would want to see return in a movie or series:

  • Jimmy Woo
  • Eric Selvig
  • Darcy Lewis
  • KORG
  • The Swordsman
  • Isaiah Bradley
  • Red Guardian
  • Agent 13
  • Scarlet Scarab (Moon Knight)
  • A character of our guest’s choosing!

Now for productions & guesses…

  • Who will be directing Avengers: Secret Wars 
  • Will These Headlining Marvel Characters Return in Phase 4 & 5:
    • Thor
    • Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes
    • The Punisher
    • Iron Fist
    • Luke Cage

Now Let’s Move Onto…STUNT CASTING

  • Wonder Man
  • The Fantastic Four 
    • Mr. Fantastic
    • Invisible Woman
    • Human Torch
    • The Thing
    • Doctor Doom
  • Thunderbolts
    • What characters will be in it?
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
    • Who is the new Black Panther?
  • X-MEN
    • Professor X
    • Wolverine
    • Jean Grey
    • Cyclops
    • Storm
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