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AEW Dynamite 10/12 Review: The Toronto Debut was a Needed Return to Form

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The first-ever Dynamite from Toronto, Canada (AEW Dynamite 10/12) had eyes around the world for a night of major action building slowly towards Full Gear. We kick off with the arrival of Renee Paquette in AEW, as she interviews Christian prior to the kick off match which sees Kane-A-Saurus defeat “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry.

It was a good match, Jack Perry bringing A-game and beyond for this one, hitting his former friend with a Poison-Rana, followed by a Killswitch, unable to get the three count. Thanks to a predictable interference by Christian, Luchasaurus hits a chokeslam followed by an inverted slam for the disappointing win. 

Welp, this feud is going to be drawn out. 

Next up WarJoe toys with QT Marshall and Nick Comorotto before putting them out of their misery. 

Post match, Prince Nana and members of The Embassy come out to intimidate the big duo, but are cut off by FTR. Hypes up a match for Rampage, as they introduce their mystery partner, Shawn Spears! Face turn for his home country. 

This was a fun segment to watch Samoa Joe and Wardlow destroy people, and who doesn’t love seeing destruction? Brian Cage is back and is a believable threat in any match. Nice to see Spears back again, this time as a face for a bit, using the “Perfect 10” as the hype machine. 

MJF promo is fantastic. Just. Watch. It. He sandbags the typical interruption, no-sells, and cuts a promo which once again blurs between reality and script. 

Chris Jericho retains the Ring of Honor World Championship against Bryan Danielson

Another fantastic match, ending in a way which caters to the “disrespectful” demeanor of Jericho. This week we got “Lionheart” in action, but despite the wrestling prowess, the finish sees a fallen referee and a double-cross by Daniel Garcia who assists “The Ocho” with a tainted victory. 

I think this is simply to build a title bout between Garcia and Jericho. Garcia wants to dethrone Jericho. That’s the story here. Full Gear. Just you wait and see. 

I admit for a few minutes there were other matches tonight, and they were good!

Toni Storm and Hikaru Shida defeated Jamie Hayter and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Fantastic tag bout, they have got to start pushing Hayter. She is over, and could be considered one of the top women on AEW’s roster. Shida delivers 100% every time, and tonight was no different, rolling up Baker for the pinfall victory. This match could have gone either way, going with Shida and Storm was a good choice. 

The Main Event AEW Dynamite 10/12: Orange Cassidy defeats PAC for the All-Atlantic Championship

Incredible. Awesome. Unbelievable. No-antics Cassidy put on the match of a lifetime. PAC and Freshly Squeezed worked incredibly together. PAC sold the Orange Punch like death itself came for him. The DDTs looked like they believably hurt. Danhausen and Bryce Remsburg prevented a near disastrous DQ finish. I was on the edge of my seat, this could have gone either way, and finally, AEW pulled the trigger, giving Orange Cassidy his first single’s championship. 

After a few weeks of toned-down episodes, but AEW Dynamite 10/12 came back with a great show. 

AEW Dynamite 10/12 is now streaming on the TBS app and on demand.


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