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Team Mike vs. Team Kimmy: Full Gear 2022 Predictions

Team Mike or Team Kimmy: Our Full Gear Predictions

By: Mike Mueller & Kimmy Sokol

That is right, I tied it up 1-1. Mike should know to always bet on the EST of WWE. Instead of focusing on WWE, we get to focus on another company that brings us pay-per-views four times a year: AEW! I have the privilege of being at this event, and all of the matches look fantastic. So, with title stipulations, a return we never thought we’d see, and an elite return looming, here are our Full Gear predictions.

Zero Hour: AEW World Heavyweight Championship Eliminator Semi Finals: Brian Cage vs Ricky Starks:

Kimmy: I really wish we would see Ethan Page vs Ricky Starks on the pay-per-view because I think that would be the better match, but this will do. Starks winning two matches back to back days scream a Cinderella story run, and boy does he need it. The crowd loves him and he is extremely over, help him go all the way TK!

Winner: Ricky Starks


Mike: For what seems like the 12th time, Brian Cage is getting another push. I get it. He’s got the look, he’s athletic,  he’s fairly charismatic, but he just doesn’t have “it.” And while I can’t tell you exactly what “it” is, I do know one thing: Ricky Starks has “it” in spades! This guy is so over, and so hot right now, it would be foolish to have him lose to a big guy “just because.” This is Starks’ moment to shine.

Winner: Ricky Starks


Luchasaurus vs Jungle Boy – Steel Cage Match:

Kimmy: Why is this feud still happening… This has dragged out from the summer up until now and I understand that we can not have our big blowout match because of Christian’s injury, but I feel as if this feud is making us not care about Jungle Boy at all. Jungle Boy gets the easy win here and can we please MOVE ON.

Winner: Jungle Boy


Mike: Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh




Winner: Jungle Boy 


Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal vs Sting and Darby Allin:

Kimmy: It is the year 2022, Sting and Jeff Jarrett are on opposite sides of the ring again TNA wrestling wins!! In all seriousness I have never seen so many people angry about someone debuting in this company like they are with Jarrett. Jarrett is a veteran who has been in the business for a long time and he is a backstage hand they can use to settle all of the backstage politic arguments that have been happening. I think after this match we do not see him on TV as much as he will be transitioning to his backstage role as Director of Business Development. As far as Allin is concerned I do think they need to cycle him off TV as his role on TV with Sting is becoming stale. I think him taking the time off will help people care about Allin again. However, this match should be fine, but in classic Jarrett fashion he does have to win all his matches, right?

Winners: Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal


Mike: As someone who has never been a fan of J E Double F, I can’t say I’m very excited for this match. It seems rather forced and nonsensical. Matches like that really can go either way, but the determining factor to me is the fact that Sting has yet to lose in AEW, and I’d be pretty bummed if his streak ended at the hands of Jarrett, so I refuse to will it into existence. 

Winners: Sting and Darbles


Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs Saraya:

Kimmy: There are three women’s matches on this card now the IWC can rejoice. The fact that we are able to see Saraya compete again is something truly exciting and something a lot of people did not have on their 2022 Wrestling Bingo Card. The promo these two cut on the November 2nd episode of Dynamite was a great way to build the feud and a way to give Saraya the confidence that she truly does still have it, and it was also the second highest segment in the ratings that week as well. As far as a winner I think Saraya absolutely has to win. This is her comeback story and “her house”, so her not winning here would be a mistake.

*Kimmy Note: Everytime I pick against Britt she finds a way to win, so if somehow Britt wins this is not my fault, I however would be proud of my friend and fellow role model*

Winner: Saraya


Mike: It’s hard to ever pick against the good doctor, but the wrestling world has been waiting for Saraya’s return for so long, it seems like a no brainer for her to get the win here. With the talent these two have, it seems unlikely that this will be a “one and done” feud. I expect Britt to get some revenge before the feud is over, but round one has to go to Saraya 

Winner: Saraya


TBS Championship: Jade Cargill vs Nyla Rose:

Kimmy: See AEW, all you had to do was give Rose the chance to act like herself for her to not only get over, but also the chance for her to connect with a crowd. I love this storyline. To me this is the most interesting the TBS Championship has been in the almost one year it has been in existence. The interesting thing about this match is going to be if Jade finally turns on the baddies for not helping her (which as the honorary fourth baddie, I hope does not happen). Jade clearly picks up the win here in a fun match.

Winner: Jade Cargill


Mike: This is by far the most interested I’ve been in a TBS championship match, which isn’t saying a whole lot. Jade is a dominant force, and while the Native Beast is her most legitimate threat to the title so far, my gut says Jade will remain undefeated until a true main event player can stop her run. Perhaps Saraya after her feud with Britt is over. Expect the undefeated streak to remain intact. 

Winner: Jade Cargill


Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho vs Sammy Guvera vs Claudio Castagnoli vs Bryan Danielson:

Kimmy: The way this should be Daniel Garcia instead of Sammy Guvera is so infuriating. With Garcia in the match this would have led to Garcia and Jericho breaking up and also leading to the Garcia Jericho main event at Final Battle where they unify the Pure and Heavyweight Championship. This match has the potential to steal the whole show, all four of these athletes are super talented and they all have a reason to win this match. I think this match ends with Jericho winning and Garcia attacking him after the match to set up the Final Battle show. All hail the ocho?

Winner: Chris Jericho


Mike: My heart wants Claudio to win this match, but he and Sammy seem like too much of a long shot to actually pull off the W, so we’re left with Danielson and Jericho. Danielson is the perfect person to take the title off of Jericho, given Jericho’s disrespect of the title, and the high esteem in which Danielson holds ROH. However, a 4 way match seems like sort of a cheap way to get the title off of Jericho, and there’s enough meat on the bones to keep this feud going. Jericho retains here, but I predict that Danielson will be the one to finally take it off of Jericho in the future. 

Winner: Chris Jericho 


AEW Women’s World Heavyweight Championship: Toni Storm vs Jamie Hayter:

Kimmy: This match can go a lot of ways depending on what happens in the Saraya and Baker match. If Baker loses cleanly, does Hayter win the title and Baker turns on her? If Baker wins does she go after Storm again after a major win? Does Baker cost Hayter the title? So many roads to go down, thank you AEW. Although I do not see Hayter winning the title yet, I do see Baker being the one to cost her. Hayter has gotten extremely over with the crowd this year and being a heel with Baker is holding her back. I think we finally get the Baker vs Hayter match at Winter is Coming, which would mean that Full Gear is officially Toni time.

Winner: Toni Storm


Mike: I love both of these competitors and it’s exciting to see what they will do in the ring together. Hayter has grown so much since her debut, and I would love to see her get the win here. The only thing holding Hayter back is the fact that she is still “second fiddle” to Baker. Having Hayter split off from Britt seems like it needs to happen first, before she holds any gold. 

Winner: Toni Storm


AEW Tag Team Championship: The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster) vs Swerve in our Glory (Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee):

Kimmy: I really do not know why they are leading this feud into a rubber match as I feel The Acclaimed wrestling FTR would have been a more intriguing match, but I am not Tony Khan. I think this is where we see Swerve finally turn heel against Lee to set up that match at Winter is Coming as this has been months in the making. I hope Newark really likes scissoring because that is what everyone will be doing when this match is over.

Winners: The Acclaimed


Mike: It’s important to note that I’m writing these predictions while wearing my “scissor me, daddy ass” shirt, so bias might come into play. The Acclaimed vs FTR is the match that we are all waiting for, and this is just filler. Nothing against Swerve and Lee, they’re both incredible athletes, but The Acclaimed are the hottest thing in AEW right now, and stopping their momentum right now would be universally stupid. This is my lock of the night. 

Winners: The Acclaimed


AEW TNT Title Match: Wardlow vs Samoa Joe vs “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs:

Kimmy: Essentially, a WWE dream match. This match is going to rule. All three of these wrestlers are super over and talented, and seeing Wardlow do that suicide dive over the ropes was such a sight. I think Hobbs finally gets the push we have all been waiting for and he pins Joe to lead to Wardlow vs Joe at Final Battle.

Winner: “And New” Powerhouse Will Hobbs


Mike: I hate when the title changes hands without the winner being pinned. If MJF goes on to win the title, having Wardlow face him makes a lot of sense, and it would also make sense for him to drop the TNT title before that happens. The problem? I really don’t think Hobbs or Joe deserves to get that win. And since I don’t want to see Wardlow drop the title without getting pinned, I guess I have no choice but to go with Wardlow. 

Winner: Wardlow


AEW Trios Titles Death Triangle (Pac, Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr) vs The Elite (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, & Kenny Omega):

Kimmy: The Elite are back baby! This match is going to be fantastic. I think the elite win and get the titles back they never lost, but don’t be surprised if a certain house also returns tomorrow night.

Winners: The Elite


Mike: In poker tournaments, there’s such a thing as using your “one time” card. You plead with the dealer to give you the perfect card you need “just one time” to stay alive in the tournament. The odds are against you, but the superstition of “one time” leads many players to hang on to their “one time” moment for when they really feel like they need it, and they swear it comes through more often than not. This is my “one time” moment of the night. The smart money is on The Bucks and Omega, but I don’t like The Elite, and I LOOOOOVE Death Triangle, so I’m going to plead to Tony Khan to let me be right “one time” here. 

Winners: Death Triangle


AEW World Heavyweight Championship: Jon Moxley vs MJF:

Kimmy: There is no way in good faith I can pick Jon Moxley to win this match. Moxley was originally supposed to be going on a six week vacation after All In but plans changed given the CM Punk press conference incident. This feud has been very well put together as MJF proves why he is truly a generational talent within the wrestling business today. I think that Regal turns his back on Moxley to help MJF win the big one as they have been hinting towards that, because his name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman and he is better than you and you know it.

Winner “And New”: MJF


Mike: I’m not buying this MJF face turn. It was inevitable, but the whole thing seems so rushed, that I can’t help but feel like it’s a swerve. MJF is making such a big deal about how he won’t use his diamond ring and won’t need any help from outside forces, that I’m completely convinced that he will indeed use the ring, and will get help from outside sources. Whether that’s the firm, or regal turning, or some other entity all together, I think MJF gets the win here, but reveals he’s still the same dastardly character he’s always been. You can’t have a baby face going around calling himself “the devil.” Something’s gotta give. 

Winner: MJF 

AEW Full Gear 2022, airs this Saturday November 19th exclusively on local pay-per-view providers, Fite TV, and Bleacher Report.

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