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The Last Stop Before Wrestlemania: Elimination Chamber 2023 Review  


In six weeks’ time, it will be every wrestling fan’s favorite week of the year — Wrestlemania week. Lots of wrestling, historic matchups, and just an overall fun week for any wrestling fan. However, we have one last stop before we get to the sunshine state of California in the cold but historic city of Montreal, Canada. 

Women’s Elimination Chamber #1 Contenders for the Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka vs Liv Morgan vs Natalya vs Raquel Rodriguez vs Carmella vs Nikki Cross:  For what this was worth, this match was enjoyable. The Liv Morgan sunset flip off the pod was the coolest thing in this match. Carmella looked very well throughout the match too and she even made it to the final two! This match had one purpose, pushing Asuka to the moon going into Wrestlemania, and this match did that. Winner: Asuka

Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley: Color me confused. On Smackdown this past Friday, Bray Wyatt claimed he wanted to face the winner of this match at Wrestlemania. Except this match was going well until Lesnar low-blowed Lashley, which led the “Almighty One” to win by disqualification. So where do we go from here? A triple threat match, this match happening on Day 1, and then on Day 2 the winner faces Bray Wyatt. To me, Bray should not have said what he said Friday and just let this play out first. Nothing really to say about the match, can’t wait to see the fourth installment on the grandest stage of them all. Winner: Bobby Lashley

Editor’s Note: As of Monday, Omos has challenged Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor vs Edge and Beth Phoenix: This match at times was hit and miss. If this match showed anything, it is that women can do anything the men can do in this match because both Beth and Rhea looked very impressive throughout the entire match. They both even power-slammed Edge and Balor. The Grit Couple remains undefeated! Winners: Edge and Beth Phoenix

Men’s Elimination Chamber: United States Championship:  Austin Theory vs Bronson Reed vs Seth Rollins vs Damian Priest vs Montez Ford vs Johnny Gargano: Montez Ford that is all I have to say, WOW. If there was any indication that he deserves a single’s push, this match proved it. There were so many amazing spots in this match, and all six men are extremely talented. The ending paves the way for Seth Rollins vs Logan Paul at the show of shows, which should be a fun match. Theory retains, but is he ready for the leader of the Cenation at Wrestlemania? Winner: “And Still” Austin Theory

WWE Undisputed Universal Championship: Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn: Picture this. You have been on the independent scene for years, always being told that you were never going to be good enough for the WWE. Eventually, you get signed and keep working through the roster. You have been put in countless matches to put others over, and never got your turn to truly shine. You then enter a storyline with the biggest faction in WWE for what was only to be a couple of weeks. Months later you turn on them and enter your hometown challenging for the WWE Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship and so many people want you to win. It may seem like a childhood dream, but this was a reality for Sami Zayn. This was absolutely incredible storytelling. So many close pinfalls, and the ending with Owens saving his best friend in his hometown. Whatever is next for Sami Zayn this made him a true star. Winner: “And Still” Roman Reigns

Overall: This was a fun pay-per-view and a great way to plant seeds on the road to Wrestlemania. We have six weeks to build to California and we are in for an interesting road based on this show, but off to Wrestlemania we go!

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 is streaming now live on Peacock

Kimmy Sokol
Kimmy Sokol
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