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AEW Dynamite 3/8 Review: AEW Sets The Table for The Foreseeable Future

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AEW Dynamite 3/8 opened with a championship bout with the AEW All-Atlantic Championship on the line. Orange Cassidy retains against Jay Lethal in a great bout. Lethal is truly the workhorse heel of AEW, win or lose he always respected and never loses steam. Lethal worked over the leg, while Cassidy worked over the arm. In the end, Lethal had some near submission victories, but in the end, Lethal’s attempt at a Lethal Injection turned out to be the downfall, arm giving out, taking the Orange Punch and it was all she wrote. Post match, Lethal threatens to use a foreign object, while Referee Bryce Remsburg escorts Lethal to the back, Jeff Jarrett sneaks up, hits The Stroke, and then breaks the guitar over Cassidy’s leg. 

I know many don’t like seeing Jarrett on television, but boy can he get himself that uber-heel heat. 

Backstage: Wardlow discusses the unfortunate events of having his car broken into earlier today, with all his stuff taken. Gear, equipment, including the AEW TNT Championship. That really sucks, and I hope the people who did it get caught. Special place in hell for people like that. 

Since he’s just got street clothes, tonight’s match will be a Street Fight!

Ricky Starks in the ring discussing what comes next after defeating Chris Jericho at Revolution. His promo is interrupted by Bullet Club’s Juice Robinson, who spikes Starks headfirst. Didn’t see that coming. 

Jade Cargill cut a lukewarm promo stating she’s defeated everyone in AEW. Sure, I can list a bunch she hasn’t, but it’s typical heel promo. Also, this so-called streak includes tag team matches which never should count towards a singles run. She wants to challenge a wimp from Winnipeg next week. 

Unless it’s someone shocking, I. Don’t. Care. 

Ruby Soho defeated Skye Blue

Ok match, Blue got some offense in, but it was pretty clear this puts over Soho’s new heel persona. Prior to the match she discussed being betrayed by fans and passed over, favoring others such as Kris Statlander. 

FTR comes out for an interview with Tony Schiavone

Takes a while before Cash and Dax can speak, very loud extended chant for the returning tag team heroes. Putting it simply, they want the Gunns and they want the AEW Tag Team Championships. They’re making it personal, referencing the Gunns disrespecting them following their hard-fought match against The Briscoes. 

MJF Pre-tape: Next week, he will be celebrating his re-Bar Mitzvah (26), with an extravagant party to celebrate his reign of terror as AEW World Champion. 

Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia, and Sammy Guevara defeated Top Flight and AR Fox in trios

Pretty good match, AR Fox is a one-man highlight reel. If there was a Cruiserweight or X-Division type championship, he needs to be its inaugural champ. I know people complain about too many titles, but keep in mind there was a time fans WANTED more titles during the early-2000s when WCW and WWE both had more singles championships. Top Flight are always great, hopefully 2023 will be an injury-free year. 

Still not a fan of Daniel Garcia in the J.A.S. I don’t feel he fits. 

Post match – Things get wild. Jericho opts to lay claim to being the new number one contenders for the Trios Championships, simply with one trios win. Welp, they call out House of Black and the lights go out… BUT instead we get Wayward Sons instead… The Elite! Kenny Omega begins his promo until Don Callis rushes out, taking the mic to simultaneously praise and berate Jericho. He mentioned next week, AEW will be in Winnipeg, Canada… but suddenly the lights go out again…

… with House of Black on the big screen enjoying the turmoil taking place at ringside. They offer both trios the option to not only fight each other, but to face the champs as well. 

A Triple Threat Trios Championship match next week on Dynamite!? YES PLEASE.

Daniel Bryan in a post-match taped promo, visibly upset and shaken from losing the Iron Man match. He says Max was right all along about why he wrestles so hard, and perhaps he needs to stop. It’s time to go home. 

That was chilling. 

Backstage: Tony Khan announces next week, Orange Cassidy will defend the All-Atlantic Championship against Jeff Jarrett for the final time, as the championship will be renamed the AEW International Championship. 

I smell a title change next week. 

Claudio Castignoli and Jon Moxley defeated John Silver and Alex Reynolds in what I thought was a fantastic match. Dark Order over huge with the live crowd. This was an excellent match in my opinion. To hear the live crowd rally behind Dark Order is fantastic. Reynolds and Silver both pulled it all out and looked damn good, even in defeat. I was disappointed, but it would have been hard to believe BCC could lose, unless there was significant interference. 

Post-match, Evil Uno charges out but the BCC overwhelms him too. Just then “Hangman” Adam Page rushes the ring, and ignores the BCC members to check on his buddies. However, it is Claudio who instigates the fight and things get wild. 

Finally the BCC/Dark Order feud I predicted and wanted is finally here. We’re just missing Stu Grayson and we would be all set. 

Street Fight Main Event for the TNT Championship – Powerhouse Hobbs defeats Wardlow to become the new TNT Champion

Good brawl, started out in a parking lot where a car got destroyed. The fight went to the ringside area where Wardlow scored a swanton bomb off the ropes through a table on the floor. However, before Wardlow could finish the job, QT Marshall clobbers Wardlow with a chair, assisted by Hobbs, powerbombs off the stage. Wardlow is unable to answer the ten count, and we’ve got ourselves a brand new TNT Champion. 

This was a great setup edition of Dynamite to build some new feud and expand on past ones. Fun and enjoyable episode to watch. 

AEW Dynamite 3/8 is now streaming on the TBS app and on demand.


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