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Monster Factory Review: A Grand Slam of A Series About Pursuing a Lifelong Dream

Photo Credit: AppleTV+

“Professional wrestling is an eclectic melting pot of misfits.”

Truer words were never spoken as it pertains to Monster Factory Director and Head Coach, Danny Cage’s aforementioned statement regarding the art form that is professional wrestling.

Cage, who is the subject of Apple TV+’s latest docuseries, Monster Factory along with several standout students, prides himself on not only successfully sending more students to the big leagues than any other school, but loves to help the trainees do everything they can to achieve their dreams. A now retired pro wrestling veteran, Cage knows what it’s like to have naysayers, which is why it’s so important for him to encourage his students.  

Danny Cage. Photo Credit: AppleTV+

Monster Factory revolves around five of Danny’s most interesting “Misfits” who’s individual journeys are thoroughly documented throughout the six episode series:

Bobby Buffet – The Monster Factory Heavyweight Champion went from flipping burgers to absolute #FEASTMODE as the current face of the company. The crowd favorite, real name Hurley Jones, is a testament to Cage’s work ethic and star-making abilities. 

The Notorious Mimi – One of Cage’s star students and the proverbial chosen one, Mimi was groomed to be the first signed female coming out of the Monster Factory. “Professional Wrestling’s Angel,” Amelia Herr who was a decorated champion in the northeast is seemingly already destined for bigger opportunities so early in her career. 

Goldy –  David Goldschmidt has everything an aspiring professional wrestler could want from looks to pure athletic ability. The proverbial “Golden Boy” of the Monster Factory however, struggles with social anxiety and the thought of leaving any sort of comfort zone outside of the ring. 

Twitch – Real name Luke Disangro, Twitch’s passion shines not only through his amazing promo work but through his original music. Twitch faces many obstacles on his pro wrestling journey including dealing with Tourette Syndrome, depression, anxiety, and more.  

Gabby Ortiz – One of Cage’s most experienced, decorated, and traveled students. Ortiz, who has experienced so many highs and lows in the business, struggles with the feeling of being stuck at times on her professional wrestling journey, but continues to put in the work under Cage’s guidance.

Gabby Ortiz. Photo Credit: AppleTV+

Ortiz told The Pop Break, “The Monster Factory is my home, so being able to have it documented and shared with the world has been an invaluable and empowering experience. Everyone will get to feel like they’re a part of our training and know what it’s like to be in the pressure cooker that is the Monster Factory.”

To the delight of many New Jersey independent wrestling fans, the show is also inundated with appearances from many local favorites including: Daniel Alexander, Travis Jacobs, LSG, Vicious Vicki, Marvelous, Brett Waters, Sean Vanore, Ant Bennett, and many more. For longtime fans of professional wrestling, the docu-series also features multiple legends of the ring, including many Monster Factory alumni. The series also features insight from former WWE commentator and interviewer, the current voice of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Kevin Kelly as well as AEW’s QT Marshall.   

The Notorious Mimi. Photo Credit: AppleTV+

Not only does the series focus on having what it takes to make it as a professional wrestler, but there is a strong emphasis on the importance of support from family and peers.  “He’s very caring and he wants the best for everybody. His students are definitely his children. He’s always looking out for them.” says Cage’s wife, Tracy about her husband during the series premiere.

Monster Factory is an absolute grand slam for not only fans of professional wrestling, but the independent scene at large. The show’s appeal isn’t only for those who love professional wrestling, but for anyone who ever had a dream worth chasing. 

Monster Factory Premieres March 17th Exclusively on Apple TV 

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