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AEW Dynamite 3/30 Review: BOOM, What an Episode!

AEW Dynamite March 29 2023 Lineup
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

For a moment I thought I would miss tonight’s episode [Editor’s Note: We’re glad you’re feeling better, Mike]. Glad I didn’t. AEW Dynamite 3/29 kicks off with Jungle Boy defeating Matt Hardy. Some intriguing stuff with Ethan Page, but the real intrigue came after MJF cut a promo on one of his potential future contenders. 

MJF talks how his career is exactly how Jungle Boy described it a few weeks ago, skyrocketing while Perry’s has stalled. He does put over Jungle Jack as a fighter, with blood, sweat, and tears sacrificed to remain in fans’ hearts and minds. Jungle Boy fires back, until eventually Max gets pissed off enough to start a fight. Perry manages to stand tall as MJF bails. 

Jungle Boy’s promos are improving, and a verbal exchange with MJF is a great way to keep it going. I will be curious how things progress in the next few weeks. 

MJF gets a jab about Dynamite being in Long Island next week. I guess MJF might be missing the first Passover Seder night. 

Backstage: Don Callis apologizes for making people assume Hangman struck him, when he lost his grip. However, he uses this to question why Omega doesn’t trust Page, and whether Omega really thought Hangman struck Callis. Omega seems confused, as Callis leaves the locker room to apologize to the Cowboy personally. 

Blackpool Combat Club made short work of Dalton Castle and The Boys

A pre-match attack from behind by the BCC ended this one before it got started. Claudio is the mauler in the ring while Mox and Yuta disassemble their opponents on the outside. Claudio hits Ricola Bomb on one of the Boys for the win. 

Video package where Angelo Parker and Matt Minard take The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn out for a night on the town, in an effort to court them into the JAS. Welp, after a long day of fun and a big ol’ dinner, they decide to make their decision a decisive one, on Dynamite, next week!

Backstage: Hangman Adam Page updates us on the Young Bucks, still convinced it was the Blackpool Combat Club are behind the attack. Don Callis arrives to settle things, but before he can, the BCC arrive and wipe out Page. Callus tries to make nice, and gets punched out by Mox for it. 

IWGP United States Championship match: Kenny Omega retains against Jeff Cobb

Kenny Omega comes out to his NJPW theme. Very cool.

Great match. Commentary teasing Kenny losing focus due to the drama with Don Callis, and the nagging injuries. Cobb is a beast in the ring. Some moments where it seemed Omega would indeed lose, but he managed to get the big beast on his shoulders for One Winged Angel for the win.

Post match is where things get crazy. The BCC return again, primed to attack, but suddenly, a wild Bryan Danielson appears, backing them off! He helps up Omega who jaws with them… but the realization hits the crowd as Danielson is gearing up in the opposite corner, BLAMO! Busaiku Knee on Omega!!! Danielson and the BCC destroy the IWGP United States Champion! Security attempts to save the champ, but they are knocked away from ringside. 

Wow. That was an epic moment. 

Adam Cole and Britt Baker on AEW All Access, Cole’s Return to the Ring & More

AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy retains over The Butcher

I love Freshly Squeezed, but Butcher is a beast of a beast. The guy is adept in either single or tag matches. Good match, some wonky interference helps Cassidy retain the title.

Ruby Soho defeated Willow Nightingale

While I’m not the biggest fan of this “Outcast” gimmick, I love watching Willow in the ring. Easily one of the best on the roster. Her spinebuster is picture-perfect, later delivering what looked like a Death Valley Brainbuster. Wasn’t a fan of the finish, I understand this continues to get the sinister trio over further as villains, but it’s OK once in a while for a shocker upset. Willow winning here would have brought a bit more to this angle. 

AEW Dynamite 3/29 Main Event: Adam Cole defeated Daniel Garcia in his return bout

An enjoyably good match. Post-match had Dr. Britt Baker, DMD celebrating with him.

Garcia and Cole put on a solid show-closer. Cole losing in his return could have been a possibility if there was JAS interference, but thankfully this was not the case. Cole hit the Panama Sunrise, the Boom for the win. Garcia was the right opponent for Cole’s return. 

Post-match, Chris Jericho came down to console his ward, but made some noticeable glances towards the returning hero. 


AEW Dynamite 3/29 is now streaming on the TBS app and is available on demand.


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