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Muna Brings Their ‘Life’s So Fun’ Tour To The Met In Philly

Pop Break Live: MUNA on the Life’s So Fun Tour with Nova Twins at The Met in Philly on May 5, 2023

One of the hottest bands in music right now played the Met in Philly on May 5th. Muna, the indie pop trio of Katie Gavin (check out our interview with Katie Gavin from all the way back in 2011 before we were Pop Break), Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson, have been making great music over the last ten years. Their self titled album in 2022 took the bands popularity to a different level.

The album, produced by Phoebe Bridgers Saddest Factor Label, landing on many critics top albums of 2022 list at the end of the year. It didn’t hurt that one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Taylor Swift, listed them as one her favorite new bands. Swift was so impressed she asked them to join her on a couple of her Era Tour dates. The band played Coachella recently and will be doing the Bonnaroo Festival in May.

The show opened up with one of the UK’s most popular duos, the Nova Twins (Amy Love and Georgia South). The band was nominated in January for two Brit Awards for best alternative rock act and best British group. The band has their own unique sound, a little punk, metal ,alt rock with some r&b flavor. They won the crowd over instantly. Their energy level during their set was off the charts. They’re also incredible musicians but what really stood out was their old school showmanship during the entire set. The crowd absolutely loved them!

The loud ear-piercing screams started the minute Muna walked out on stage. The place was packed! The band is beloved by their fans who identify as LGBTQ+. Some of the fans brought meaningful signs and held them up during the set. Not only do they see them as a super talented band but as their heroes too. Muna kicked the night off with the anthemic “What I Want.” They then dove into 2019’s Saves The World album and played “Number One Fan.”

They played quite a few songs off their newest release and some fan favorites from their other work. “Loose Garment” (with it’s beautiful swirling lights that were projected around the venue) was amazing. Their harmonies on “Winterbreak” were beautiful. They played their country song called “Kind of Girl.” It had a real “radio ready” sound. The audience sang along and lit up their cells phones and swayed along with the music on this one .The energy from the band on “Pink Lights” was incredible. Two songs that really stood out during the show were on “Home By Now” and “Anything But Me.” When the band reappeared on stage for the encore it was the loudest I have ever heard a crowd at The Met! They ended with “I Know A Place” and “Silk Chiffon.”

Philly was treated to a really entertaining memorable night of music from these bands. These woman and their backing musicians rocked it!

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