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Not Couple Goals: ‘Out Of The Blue’ (2022)

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Welcome to “Not Couple Goals” where co-hosts Allie Nelson and Tyler McCarthy do a deep dive into a different ridiculous romantic thriller from the vantage point of their long-term relationship.

Allie, a TV writer/producer and actress, has an affinity for romantic thrillers, the more salacious the better. Tyler, an entertainment reporter and critic, often finds himself drawn in despite his better judgment. Join them as they explore all the ways it’s possible to love too hard… like WAY too hard.

In this episode, Allie and Tyler tackle the 2022 movie Out Of The Blue written and directed by Neil LaBute and starring Diane Kruger, Ray Nicholson and Hank Azaria, although they don’t know why. Join them as they discuss how this movie may as well have taken place in the 30s, how short Ray falls of his famous dad’s charisma and the fine line between homages and ripoffs. If you’re a fan of the word “bucolic,” you’re going to love this one.  

Special thanks to Mallory Johns for the introduction music.

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