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Bebe Rexha Triumphantly Returns to the Stage with ‘Best F’N Night of My Life Tour’ in Philly

Pop Break Live: Bebe Rexha ‘Best F’N Night of My Life’ Tour with Zolita at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA on Thursday June 22, 2023

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Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha brought her Best F’N Night of My Life Tour to Philadelphia’s Fillmore on June 20th and played to a packed house! Her North American Tour kicked off on May 31 in Arizona and ends in LA in June. Rexha is touring in support of her critically acclaimed self titled album, which was released in April. The album has been described as having an 70’s sound and includes guest performances by Snoop Dog and Dolly Parton. Rexha is a much sought after songwriter and has penned tracks for some of music’s biggest stars.

Singer-songwriter Zolita opened up the show. This cutting edge artist has stood out in the music industry by making music that speaks to her queer fans (Zolita herself identifies as a lesbian). On this night in the City of Brotherly Love, Zolita was met by loud screams as she walked out on stage. She had a great stage presence and really knew how to work a crowd as she was all over the stage. Her fans were in force as they sang along to so many of her songs throughout the show. One of the highlights was her song “Ashley,” which she said always makes her sad. She treated the audience to her newest single, “Grave,” which had a somber tone but had a great catchy hook. Zolita performed a rousing rendition of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats,” which turned into a loud sing-along. She ended her set with “Somebody I F’*cked Once.” Her performance really set the tone for what would be a memorable night of music for this Philly crowd.

Bebe Rexha was met by thunderous applause when she walked out on stage. It had only been two days since she made the news when she was hit by a cellphone which was thrown by a fan at her New York show. It required a trip to the hospital for stiches. Later in the set, she addressed it with the crowd. She said “I can’t get another bruise,” then asked are we going to have a good time tonight. Rexha responded with “Yes we fucking are!” She then asked “Can we let people slow us down Philly?” and then said no. She begged please no phones being thrown at my face. The audience laughed and cheered.

Rexha’s high energy set seemed like it was just after hit. The stage set up was really colorful and there was a LED screen which projected some cool visuals. She had a great backing band and two talented dancers who performed choreographed moves during the songs. They were really fun to watch. She wasted no time and started the night off with one of the best songs off her newest album, “I’m Not High, I’m In Love.” She looked stunning in her shimmery outfit.

Her connection with the audience was off the charts. She even had some fans come up on stage for a dance off.  She picked a girl and a guy and the audience picked the winner. She did this twice, it was a really funny part of the show. The girls ruled! Rexha stated this one is for the girls and the gays and then sang “Sacrifice.” She really got the crowd going on the disco inspired “Call on Me.” She commanded they jump during the song. The audience did not disappoint!

She played all the hits like “Me, Myself & I,” “Take Me Home,” “Meant to Be,” ” The Name of Love” and “Hey Mama.” Another stand out was a stunning acoustic version of “I’m Gonna Show you Crazy”. Rexha ended the night with the chart topping hit, “I’m Good (Blue.)” and the place was rockin! What a night!





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