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And The Winner Still is … The 1957 Oscars

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Matt Taylor and our film editor Marisa Carpico are finally back for the fourth season of their Oscar retrospective podcast, And the Winner Still Is… This podcast drops every Tuesday.

In this podcast series, Matt and Marisa go in the way-back machine to break down the the Best Picture winner and nominees as well as the major categories like Director, Actresses and Actors. They discuss the context in which the winners won, looking back on things they think have win and are they still award-worthy today. They also discuss the losers, the snubs and films, directors and performers they’d nominate.

Matt and Marisa return for their penultimate episode of the season to discuss what be one of their best years yet, 1957. They scream at Peyton Place’s twists, delight in the unexpected comedy of Witness for the Prosecution and marvel at just how good Best Picture winner, The Bridge on the River Kwai, is.

Here are the nominees for the 1957 Oscars (30th Academy Awards) were:

Best Picture:

The Bridge on the River Kwai (winner)
Peyton Place
Witness for the Prosecution

Best Director:

David Lean – The Bridge on the River Kwai (winner)
Sidney Lumet – 12 Angry Men
Mark Robson – Peyton Place
Joshua Logan – Sayonara
Billy Wilder – Witness for the Prosecution

Best Actress:

Joanne Woodward – The Three Faces of Eve (winner)
Deborah Kerr – Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison
Anna Magnani – Wild is the Wind
Elizabeth Taylor – Raintree County
Lana Turner – Peyton Place

Best Supporting Actress:

Miyoshi Umeki – Sayonara (winner)
Carolyn Jones – The Bachelor Party
Elsa Lanchester –Witness for the Prosecution
Hope Lange – Peyton Place
Diane Varsi – Peyton Place

Best Actor:

Alec Guinness  – The Bridge on the River Kwai (winner)
Marlon Brando – Sayonara
Anthony Franciosa – A Hatful of Rain
Charles Laughton – Witness for the Prosecution
Anthony Quinn – Wild is the Wind

Best Supporting Actor:

Red Buttons – Sayonara (winner)
Vittorio De Sica – A Farewell to Arms
Sessue Hayakawa – The Bridge on the River Kwai
Arthur Kennedy – Peyton Place
Russ Tamblyn – Peyton Place

Marisa Carpico
Marisa Carpico
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