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Socially Distanced 168. Marvel Moves to Hulu, The Marvels Theory & Secret Invasion Episode 5 Reaction

It’s the penultimate episode of our “Keep Secret, Keep It Safe” mini-series reviewing Marvel’s Secret Invasion.

Hosts Bill Bodkin and Amanda Rivas are joined by resident guest Tyler McCarthy (of the Not Couple Goals Podcast) and special guests Michelle and DJ Chapman of the Roses & Rejections Podcast.

In this episode they discuss the decision of Disney putting the first three episodes of Secret Invasion to Hulu and if this is a move to help Secret Invasion or a larger move about streaming platform consolidation.

After that discussion, the panel discusses Secret Invasion Episode 5– the Skrull revolt against Gravik, Olivia Colman’s performance, the lack of Gi’yah in the series and the overall lack of runtime in each episode and how it’s negatively impacting the series. They then theorize about the potential connections to The Marvels, Thunderbolts, Fantastic Four and more.

Also if you want to support the actors currently on strike, please check out the Entertainment Community Fund.

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