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Socially Distanced #172: Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim Anime Trailer Reaction + Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Anniversary Special

We are Sex Bomb-Omb ….1-2-3-4!

That’s right it’s Scott Pilgrim vs. Socially Distanced this week!

Socially Distanced has decided to rewatch Scott Pilgrim vs. The World in conjunction with the 13th Anniversary of Edgar’s Wright big screen adaptation of Brian Lee O’Malley’s popular graphic novel. 

Bill Bodkin, Amanda Rivas and Alex Marcus join forces to wax nostalgic about the clothing, hairstyles and music of the late 00’s and early 10s when the film took place. They discuss their initial reaction to the film (many of which are not positive) and how they felt about their rewatch. They discuss the Scott Pilgrim character, why it bombed at the box office but has become a cult classic.

They also discuss the new trailer for Netflix’s anime adaptation of the film featuring the entire cast of the live action movie.

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