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AEW Dynamite Fyter Fest 2023 Review: The Go-Home to Wembley

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The Fyter Fest 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite kicks off chaotic. A match between The Elite and Bullet Club Gold is thrown out when the ref is punched out by Juice and all hell breaks loose. FTR rushes down to make the save. 

MJF and Renee Paquette interview: Fantastic. He’s the 2023 version of the British Bulldog if he was Jewish. MJF addresses the questions Good segment which continues to tease the question of whether someone will turn, and if so, who?

Jon Moxley defeated Rey Fenix

Mox and Fenix had a great match, but if you haven’t read the internet recently then the result might be a surprise. Mox wins after choking out Fenix, who is then beaten senseless by the BCC wielding crowbars. Eddie, Penta, and Best Friends come out for the save, but are cut off by the returning SANTANA and ORTIZ!! Another massive brawl, but results in Fenix being taken out on a stretcher and is later announced to be out of All In. 

Backstage: Kingston gets harsh with Renee Paquette, chiding her for what her husband did to Fenix. 

Backstage: Sammy justifies his actions with stepping up for Jericho to 2-point-0 and the Red Death, Daniel Garcia. 

Contract signing between Chris Jericho and Will Ospreay.

Callis admits his plan all along was to turn on Jericho. I couldn’t tell you what else Callis said since the live crowd booed him relentlessly. Jericho is flanked by Sammy as well. Ospreay out-promoed Jericho tonight. To make it brief, Ospreay has everything to lose, but all to gain. Even dropped the info his NJPW contract is running out soon. Could Ospreay be AEW-bound? 

Jericho’s promo is about how everyone wants to see him fall from the top, and at times, came off a bit arrogant, which is fine. This will be a match with Ospreay heavy favored by his hometown crowd, Jericho, while coming in as babyface might have to embrace the heel persona in full. 

Adam Cole and Renee Paquette interview: Now the other pre-taped bit is from the other player in the main event. Also, Renee getting a lot of featured time tonight. Same deal, showing all the highs and lows between Cole and MJF, once again teasing whether someone turns come Sunday. The one difference, while MJF was willing to address controversy, Cole turns irate and storms off. 

Darby Allin and Nick Wayne defeated AR Fox and Swerve Strickland in a Tornado Tag Match

Insane match with bodies all over the place, flying and diving themselves all over. This match was intense and a few moments where I thought Wayne was legit hurt. Darby is taken out while Wayne suffers multiple finishers yet somehow rolls up Fox for the pinfall. 

Following the match, Swerve is ticked off, and fires Fox from the Mogul Embassy. Brian Cage blasts Fox from behind, but is saved by Sting, Darby, and Wayne. However, Strickland reveals his new partner for All Out, Christian Cage! He cuts a brutally scathing promo, playing the “Dead Dad” card, again, too thunderous boos from the live crowd. He runs down Nick Wayne’s father and boy oh boy, Christian once again in uber-heel mode and I love it. 

Pre-tape with Renee Paquette, we have a sit down with The Young Bucks and FTR. 

Backstage: Renee Paquette once again! She’s on fire tonight! Roderick Strong and The Kingdom promise we will see the true MJF at All In. 

AEW Dynamite Fyter Fest 2023 Main event: Aussie Open defeated The Hardy Boys.

This was a quick and mostly painless defeat for Matt and Jeff. I feel horrible saying this, but it’s time for both to retire. Matt had to carry his team, but looked gassed by the conclusion. Jeff was sluggish, slow, and you could tell struggled to hit his own signatures. It feels as though they are getting a run with today’s top teams, and eventually they will call it a career. Put Matt in somebody’s corner, give Jeff a backstage, off-camera job, and we’re good. 

Aussie Open called out their opponents for All In, to which MJF and Adam Cole obliged. They managed to chase off the ROH champs, however not before Cole neary struck MJF with an errant superkick. Come on, the set up was plain. MJF held Fletcher, Cole tuned up, Fletcher ducks and Cole nearly strikes MJF. It’s painfully obvious it was an oops, but how does everyone suddenly forget Fletcher dodged, and Cole’s kick would have been an accident? Eh, I know. It’s a TV show. Either way, we almost see their collapse, but they hug it out to close the show. 

How can you not be excited for All In at Wembley Stadium? Well, if you read or live on the internet, then that’s likely why. Good lord the stupid comments I have been reading make me nuts, and I’m supposed to be the mental health pro here. Why so many prefer to bash something which has potential to be absolutely incredible. Sell 80,000 tickets? Nah! “They must be giving tickets away!” Geez, people thought they couldn’t sell 20,000, and even when AEW defies expectations, the trolls out there still find a way. It is astonishing how so many people prefer to hate. It’s pretty sad to be honest. 

But, I am not worried. I am fairly sure all those whining and complaining were the first ones to also order on PPV or Fite TV. 

AEW Dynamite Fyter Fest 2023 is now on demand and streaming on the TBS app.


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