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Tony Khan on Wembley Stadium, Changes to All In, Sting’s Career

Pop Break sat in on the media call with All Elite Wrestling President, General Manager and Head of Creative, Tony Khan in advance of the company’s historic show All In at Wembley Stadium in London, England this Sunday.

On the call Tony Khan discusses how this became one of the biggest wrestling shows in history, the difficulties in booking the card, the future of Sting in pro wrestling, the evolving legal situation with Cash Wheeler, the status of The Elite as EVPs in the company and much more.

  • FTR vs. The Bucks is on … as of right now
  • The Cash Wheeler Legal Situation — his status and when he learned of it
  • Collision & Rampage vs. College Football in regards to ratings
  • Analytics
  • Difficulty of booking All In vs. All Out in regards to who books on what show?
  • Big ticket movement for the United Center
  • The Ticket Update: 80,000 tickets + Gate of Approx $10 million
  • When booking All In 2 did he take into consideration the original show?
  • MJF opening the show
  • All In’s Legacy
  • Will ticket info be available to the media
  • More international events?
  • Defining The Elite’s position as EVP’s now on their second contract
  • Various people’s backstage roles
  • The announced card being the final card or if anything else can be add
  • The challenges of booking All In
  • Last summer’s challenges
  • Bryan Danielson’s injury and how it impacted All In
  • PAC and Jamie Hayter’s injuries and how that impacted All In
  • More changes coming … due to situations not related to the world of professional wrestling.
  • The build to the card and the stories being told.
  • Shad Khan’s reactions to All In 2 and the success of AEW.
  • Sting and Darby Allin.
  • Sting’s run in All Elite Wrestling.
  • Sting’s wrestling career and his potential retirement.
  • Saraya’s Involvement & Impact on the Show & Wrestler
  • Streaming potential for MAX (or elsewhere)
  • What lens does WBD view AEW as a sports centric program or a different category?
  • Did The Elite and Hangman resign for the same length as Kenny Omega?
  • Regular appearances for the UK?
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