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Podwork Angels Finale: A Farewell to RUSH

It’s Podwork Angels: The Rush Hour, a podcast dedicated to the Canadian rock band Rush! Justin Mancini of TheCineMaverick.com & Cinema Joes is joined by fellow Cinema Joes podcast host Noah Franc of FrancNoir, as well as Luke Martin, host of Talking the Coda, as they delve into the discography of Canada’s favorite sons, from 1974 to 2012.

In the last episode of the season, Justin, Luke, Noah, and now official host Chris look back on their marathon and discuss their final thoughts on the band. In addition to their general thoughts on Rush’s long history, they share their favorite album covers, top and bottom 3 albums, and top 10 songs. And as a bonus, Justin and Luke share their favorite song from each of Rush’s 20 albums.

Host Picks:

Favorite Album Cover

Chris: Moving Pictures

Honorable Mention: Permanent Waves

Justin: Grace Under Pressure

Honorable Mention: A Farewell to Kings

Luke: Presto

Honorable Mention: Hemispheres

Noah: A Farewell to Kings

Honorable Mention: 2112

Our 3 Least Favorite Albums


3) Hold Your Fire

2) Presto

1) Test for Echo


3) Test for Echo

2) Rush

1) Presto


3) 2112

2) Snakes & Arrows

1) Hold Your Fire


3) Power Windows

2) Hold Your Fire

1) Presto

Our 3 Favorite Albums


3) Permanent Waves

2) Grace Under Pressure

1) Signals


3) Signals

2) A Farewell to Kings

1) Hemispheres


3) Signals

2) Clockwork Angels

1) Moving Pictures


3) Vapor Trails

2) A Farewell to Kings

1) Hemispheres

Our Top 10 Songs


Honorable Mentions:


Distant Early Warning

Digital Man

Far Cry

The Trees

10) Xanadu

9) Mystic Rhythms

8) Working Man

7) The Analog Kid

6) The Spirit of Radio

5) Kid Gloves

4) Freewill

3) Afterimage

2) Subdivisions

1) Limelight


Honorable Mentions:


Closer to the Heart

Fly by Night

New World Man

The Trees

10) Limelight

9) Working Man

8) Mystic Rhythms

7) La Villa Strangiato

6) Chemistry

5) Xanadu

4) Subdivisions

3) YYZ

2) The Analog Kid

1) Freewill


Honorable Mentions:


Digital Man

Grand Designs


Working Man

10) Far Cry

9) Tom Sawyer

8) The Analog Kid

7) YYZ

6) Headlong Flight

5) Distant Early Warning

4) The Spirit of Radio

3) Caravan

2) La Villa Strangiato

1) Xanadu


Honorable Mentions:


Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage

Entre Nous

The Larger Bowl (A Pantoum)


10) Finding My Way

9) A Farewell to Kings

8) Closer to the Heart

7) Vapor Trail

6) Freewill

5) Working Man

4) Subdivisions

3) Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres

2) Ceiling Unlimited

1) La Villa Strangiato

Our Favorite Songs by Album (Justin & Luke)

Rush (1974)

Justin – Working Man

Luke – Here Again

Fly by Night (1975)

Justin – Anthem

Luke – Fly by Night

Caress of Steel (1975)

Justin – The Fountain of Lamneth

Luke – Bastille Day

2112 (1976)

Justin – The Twilight Zone

Luke – 2112

A Farewell to Kings (1977)

Justin – Xanadu

Luke – Xanadu


Hemispheres (1978)

Justin – La Villa Strangiato

Luke – La Villa Strangiato

Permanent Waves (1980)

Justin – Freewill

Luke – The Spirit of Radio

Moving Pictures (1981)

Justin – YYZ

Luke – YYZ 

Signals (1982)

Justin – The Analog Kid

Luke – The Analog Kid

Grace Under Pressure (1984)

Justin – Kid Gloves

Luke – Distant Early Warning

Power Windows (1985)

Justin – Mystic Rhythms

Luke – Grand Designs

Hold Your Fire (1987)

Justin – Force Ten

Luke – Force Ten

Presto (1989)

Justin – Show Don’t Tell

Luke – Show Don’t Tell

Roll the Bones (1991)

Justin – Dreamline

Luke – Dreamline

Counterparts (1993)

Justin – Animate

Luke – Animate

Test for Echo (1996)

Justin – Limbo

Luke – Dog Years

Vapor Trails (2002)

Justin – Vapor Trail

Luke – Peaceable Kingdom

Feedback EP (2004)

Justin – Mr. Soul

Luke – Crossroads

Snakes & Arrows (2007)

Justin – The Main Monkey Business

Luke – Far Cry

Clockwork Angels (2012)

Justin – Headlong Flight

Luke – Caravan

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