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AEW Dynamite 9/6: A Return to Form with AEW

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Orange Cassidy kicks off Dynamite 9/6 with a short and to the point promo, stating he was told to go home, but instead plans on being present every week. This likely does not mean specifically competing, but at least making an appearance. I know a lot of old school types don’t like the guy, but as someone who has watched wrestling since the mid-eighties, I thoroughly enjoy watching him go from comedy spotter to respected wrestler. I don’t entirely understand why so many don’t like shtick. There was an insane amount of it in the 80s and 90s yet those were tolerated. 

I really struggle with the level of hatred directed towards AEW. I do. 

Jon Moxely defeats AR Fox

Cassidy and Mox eyeball each other, with Mox appearing to nod towards the former champ. Valiant effort by Fox, but odds of winning were a million-to-one. Also intriguing is this mess between Fox, Darby Allin, and Nick Wayne. I have a feeling someone is going to turn heel in the very near future. Darby making awfully nice to Fox. 

Did anyone really think Fox had a chance? Cassidy waited noticeably long before making his exit. Can’t help but wonder what’s next for him. 

Backstage, Christian Cage and Luchasaurus confront Wayne, but instead of beating him up Christian offers to be his new mentor. Hmmmm… He could use a new father figure after all. 

Kris Statlander retains the TBS Championship against Emi Sakura

Fantastic match. This is an example of what the women’s division in AEW should look like. 

Roderick Strong pre-tape with The Kingdom… Took an abrupt turn when Roddy talks about growing up in a bad childhood home. But then goes whiny about Adam Cole ditching him. 

Le Sex Gods defeated Aussie Open

Another fun match. Great chemistry by both teams. I really thought Aussie would get the W tonight. I’m wrong! Instead an errant miscue causes Jericho to wallop Sammy off the ring apron (twice in one match) but manages to score the pinfall on Kyle Fletcher. Post match, Sammy is pissed off and this turns into a near-brawl as Don Callis looks on with glee from the announce position. 

MJF promo, Samoa Joe interrupts and we get an incredible verbal exchange. It’s gold. Of course MJF brings up some history about being brought into WWE, name drops William Regal to a chorus of boos, and then finally addresses the internet meme we see every four minutes since Sunday, Joe shoving a 19-year-old Security Guard Max in a hallway. 

In short, MJF unloads on Joe, who continues to one-up the AEW Champion to a point where the crowd goes volcanic. MJF is great on the mic, and so can go Joe. This broke down into a fight where Joe overpowered the champ, appeared to further add injury to MJF’s neck, but luckily Adam Cole made the save before Joe could splatter Max with a Muscle Buster. 

Here’s the rub. Joe announces he is in the contender’s tournament. This means should he win, he faces MJF at Grand Slam in two weeks. Yes, this will be a quick tournament and this is likely spoiling the result where Joe will win. I mean, when Jeff Hardy is your first round opponent, it’s not difficult to see where it’s headed. Second round he will face either Jay Lethal or Penta, and I can’t imagine Joe losing to either. In the final it’ll come down to either Roderick Strong or Darby Allin. Strong vs. Joe would be one hell of a trip down Ring of Honor lane. 

Roderick Strong defeated Trent Baretta in a fantastic match. Lots of suplexes, Strong really selling the neck injury so well, but also powers out of the pain to deliver a number of back-breaking moves. Despite the storyline, Strong’s win looked, well, strong. Kudos to Trent. Had this been any other opponent I believe Trent could have gone over. 

“Hangman” Adam Page in-ring promo. He’s with Tony Schiavone about the battle royal win and donation to the Chicago Public School Fund. Shouts out to teachers everywhere. Classy move, very much appreciated. 

However, his feel-good promo is interrupted by a not-feeling-so-great Swerve Strickland. He questions Page’s heart and passion, in short, accusing him of being comfortable and losing the drive to be a champion and stay content with allowing others to cut past him in line while cruises along nonchalantly. This riles Page up, then Swerve makes a personal job as Page’s family and we nearly come to blows. I say nearly, because Brian Cage blindsided Page, then spiking him with the Drillclaw. Next week, we get Page vs. Cage III. It’s all the rage! 

I did not know this was a feud I wanted to see until now. I have to hand it to Swerve, his promo made this. His two best lines were:

“If I would have got the opportunities that you’ve gotten a year ago, I’d be the first black AEW World Champion by now.”

“I’m coming for a spot that you act like you don’t even want.”


Darby Allin defeated Nick Wayne

One crazy main event. It was watching multiple car crashes as both wrestler took it aerial more than once and with disastrous results. What appeared to start as a friendly, respectable match turned into a personal game of one-upmanship. Darby pushed Wayne, even taking the mic and berating him for punching like a kid. Wayne had a number of near falls, but would succumb to a brutal looking submission by an injured Darby. 

Christian Cage on commentary was brilliant. He came out mid-match to distract everyone. After the match Christian and Luchasaurus eyeballed the ring, and one has to wonder if Nick Wayne will get swayed by the veteran. 

A strong show this week, considering last week’s events and many of the roster attending Windham Rotunda’s funeral. Only two weeks to Grand Slam, but already shaping up to have some solid main event matches.  Two super-solid promo segments from MJF/Joe and Swerve/Page carried a solid night of in-ring action. 

AEW Dynamite 9/6 is now streaming on the TBS app and on demand via your local cable operator.


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