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AEW Dynamite 9/13 Review: All the Hype for Grand Slam & Wrestle Dream

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Dynamite opens with the defense of the AEW International Championship. Thanks to Orange Cassidy this title should be considered the Television Championship. Mox defends the championship in a continuation of its weekly defense. I was surprised Mox wound up bleeding, quite a bit in this one. He made Big Bill look pretty good, but the notion of Mox losing the championship is a silly one. Ricky Starks attempts interference which prompted the arrival of Bryan Danielson and after the match, Claudio Castagnoli.

The one thing I am confused about, is whether BCC are faces or heels, or it depends on who the flavor of the week will be. They feud with Starks and Bill, get cheered, yet minutes later Rey Fenix goes after Mox while Claudio and Eddie Kingston face off.

It’s intriguing. Really. 

My gripe, because I need at least one, the number of PPVs and Supercards in such a short period of time. Two pay-per-views a week apart, Grand Slam next week, then WrestleDream in October and Full Gear now announced for November. It’s just too much!

Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita are out for their segment, Callus putting Takeshita over as “The Alpha” of AEW, surpassing the great legends of Japanese Wrestling. They then reveal their next target is Kota Ibushi

Backstage, Sad Cassidy interrupts a Hook interview, but a fist-bump seems to perk the former champion who confesses to Renee, “I’m just so tired.”

They better not turn him heel. They better not.

Toni Storm defeated Hikaru Shida, Nyla Rose, and Dr. Britt Baker, DMD to face Saraya next week at Grand Slam.

Quick match, and as a result, we get friends turned enemies. 

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara in-ring segment: Well done segment with Jericho putting Sammy over as the rising star since AEW’s inception, giving him high praise for the accomplishments in the past four years. Sammy thanks Jericho for taking him in and putting Jericho over as a key player in the growth of AEW. However, Jericho turns to the tough love approach by warning Sammy he has to beat Jericho if he wants to be a true main eventer. Jericho threatens to be the toughest he’s ever been. Sammy welcomes the challenge. 

Solid promo work from both. Not drawn out or overly sappy or any silliness. Jericho got right to the point and the latter part of the promo, the threats in particular, fire up Sammy to stand up to the challenge. 

In a pre-tape form last week, we see MJF is not cleared to compete until Grand Slam. With Cole at his side, MJF gloats for getting another week off. However, he has words for Roderick Strong and Samoa Joe, two individuals he hopes will make it to the final. It’s a good promo, which becomes hysterical when he cuts a promo, which should be familiar to Samoa Joe. Let’s just say, the numbers don’t lie. 

“Hangman” Adam Page defeated Brian Cage

Page beats Cage! Page beats Cage! A back-and-forth battle culminates with Hangman spiking Cage with the Dead Eye for the pinfall. Enjoyable match which could have gone either way with the appearance of Swerve Strickland. 

After the match, Swerve challenges Page to a one-on-one at WrestleDream.

Darby Allin & Nick Wayne defeated Angelo Parker & Matt Minard

Darby noticeably did not do his staple through the ropes dive. They easily won anyway. Post match, Christian makes more innuendo about Nick Wayne’s mother, but then also makes the very intriguing statement: “I didn’t have my regular partner…” While challenging Darby and Wayne to a tag match. He says it’s Luchasaurus, but I believe this is a swerve.

Samoa Joe defeated Roderick Strong

Another example of a fantastic match, but we knew the outcome all along after the “shove” seen a few weeks ago. Strong put up a valiant effort, but would eventually get choked out. Post-match comedy with Cole coming to ringside, prompting Strong to immediately feign neck injury while screaming AAAAAAADAM over and over again. However, as The Kingdom force Cole away as Strong is stretchered out, Joe returns to choke out Cole. 

Good show, the volume dial turned down a bit. This is fine, to help give next week a unique feel. 

AEW Dynamite 9/13 is now streaming on the TBS app and available on demand through your local cable operator.


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