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No Mercy 2023 Predictions

No Mercy is a very historic show for WWE this weekend. This is the first premium live event under the new TKO brand. This is also the first No Mercy premium live event for NXT as this is usually a WWE show. With seven matches and a certain baddie that may be making her debut on this show let’s predict No Mercy.

Kelani Jordan vs Blair Davenport: Davenport has been an amazing addition to the NXT roster. She was previously on the NXT UK brand and jumped over to the main entity once she healed from injury. Since it seems like they want to use Davenport in a more prominent role on the roster I can not see her losing this one. I mean she did attack most of the roster behind a mask.

Winner: Blair Davenport

Fatal Four Way for the NXT Tag Team Championships: The Family (Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo) vs OTM (Lucien Price and Bronco Nima) vs The Creed Brothers (Brutus and Julius Creed) vs Humberto Carillo and Angel Garza: There are a lot of things going on here with this match. I do like how they seem to be building up the NXT Tag Team Division by putting all of these talented teams in the fold. I do not see The Family losing the titles since they only won them a couple of months ago.

Winners: “And Still” The Family (Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo)

NXT North American Championship: Dominick Mysterio vs Trick Williams: Williams and Hayes have the chance to both walk out of No Mercy with some gold, that is exciting! Unfortunately, this was not supposed to be the original match as this was supposed to be Mustafa Ali until he got released a couple of weeks ago. I am happy that Williams got this opportunity, and Shawn Michaels praised him a lot on the NXT Media call, but Judgement Day is way too powerful right now none of them are losing gold anytime soon.

Winner: “And Still” Dominick Mysterio

British Round Rules Match NXT Heritage Cup: Noam Dar vs Butch: If you are a fan of technical wrestling or the British Wrestling scene this is the match for you. Dar seems to have come into his own since moving down to NXT as he is doing some of his best work since being involved in the Cruiserweight Classic. Since Sheamus is out hurt it seems as if Butch is going to spend more time down in NXT, which is why I am picking him to win this match.

Winner: “And New” Butch

Bron Breakerr vs Baron Corbin: Seems as if we are counting down the days until Breakerr finally gets his call up to the main roster. Heel Breakerr is phenomenal, his promo skills have improved dramatically as well as his character work. This match should be really good, but I think Corbin gets the big win here on the premium live event.

Winner: Baron Corbin

NXT Championship: Carmello Hayes vs Ilja Dragunov: Since winning the NXT Championship, Hayes has not missed. He just gets it. He is one of those people you look at on the NXT roster and know that someday that guy is going to be a huge star on the main roster. Dragunov is one of the best wrestlers NXT has right now, but I can not see Hayes losing the title until 2024.

Winner: “And Still” Carmello Hayes

Extreme Rules Match: NXT Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch vs Tiffany Stratton: Head’s up a baddie might be getting involved in this one. This match should be the main event, the story these two have told has made this match the one most of the fans are invested in. Having the extreme rules stipulation opens the door for so many fun spots and moments that these two can have. Michaels put Stratton over tremendously on the call and credited her feud with Lynch for the vast improvements she has had. How I see this one playing out is Lynch getting the huge win and someone attacks her from behind after the match. Jade Cargill makes her debut and starts the feud between Lynch and Cargill. That is where the money is.

Winner: “And Still” Becky Lynch

NXT No Mercy airs Saturday, September 30th, 2023 at 8 pm EST on Peacock

Kimmy Sokol
Kimmy Sokol
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