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The Backseat Lovers & Bendigo Fletcher Deliver Electrifying Sold-Out Stone Pony Performance

Pop Break Live: Backseat Lovers ‘Waiting to Spill’ Summer Tour 2023 with Bendigo Fletcher at The Stone Pony Summer Stage in Asbury Park, NJ

Words + Photos by Kenny Bieber

Sold out summer nights at the Stone Pony are often host to a variety of rising talent and few acts have risen to quite the level of acclaim and popularity as the Backseat Lovers who packed out the Summerstage with a truly joyous and vibrant performance that more than established their tremendous talent and appeal.

The show was also enhanced by the equally captivating talents of opening folk-rock act Bendigo Fletcher whose mellow yet atmospheric sound was captivating and their on-stage chemistry and musicality was utterly seamless to behold. The band’s set was short yet impactful and highlighted that they’re a more than promising act with plenty of artistry and presence to spare. When it came time for The Backseat Lovers to hit the stage, the band was met with a rapturous applause and their set was full of exuberant energy and intimacy along with a true sense of vitality that more than got the audience immersed.

While their set may have been on the shorter side, that didn’t stop The Backseat Lovers from leaving an impression and their set carried a momentum that successfully balanced their more up-beat high energy numbers with their more understated yet sincere selections.

Credit to frontman Joshua Harmon whose laid-back and personable demeanor anchored the set and demonstrated a genuine warmth and likability, kudos also the band’s innate chemistry which allowed each member to both shine collectively and individually. By the time the band’s final song arrived, the crowd was more than enamored by the Backseat Lover’s hypnotic and dynamic sound, resulting in a truly accomplished and satisfying live experience. Thanks to the combined talent and artistry of both The Backseat Lovers and Bendigo Fletcher, fans were treated to a truly stellar showcase of two promising talents coming into their own.

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