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Predicting The Top 10 of Pro Wrestling Illustrated Women’s 250

Shaq Jade Cargill
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A lot can change in a year now, can it? Last year when I wrote this article, this list was only home to the top 150 women’s wrestlers across the world. We have increased the list by 100 and now have a list of over 250 talents. This year we have seen historic main events, women win championship gold for the first time, and so much more! Here is my prediction of the top 10 for the PWI Women’s 250 list.

10: Hikaru Shida:  Any time AEW needed Shida she stepped up to the plate. She is the only three-time AEW Women’s Champion She recently won her third title last week, but she had her second run with the gold on the 200th episode of Dynamite. She defended her title in front of AEW’s; largest crowd at All In and has become a primary part of the AEW Women’s Division this year.

9: Jade Cargill: The newest WWE signee! Now the ranking period is between September 16th, 2022 through September 30th, 2023 meaning that within that range she held onto the TBS Championship losing it at Double or Nothing to Kris Statlander. Since she has become the longest reigning TBS Champion that alone is the reason for her placement on the list. Cargill has been the hot talk debuting on every form of WWE Programming as we await her official in-ring debut, which will probably happen early next year.

8: Mickie James: When you have the best women’s roster in all of wrestling, the list seems to become very Impactful! After winning the title at Hard to Kill, James was set to have a huge run with the Knockouts Title. Unfortunately, due to injury that did not happen. James had a really strong beginning of the year, especially since making it all the way through her last rodeo, which is why I am putting her on my list. 

7: Trinity: Given the ranking period, I was not going to put her on my list originally, however, she has had too good of a run in Impact to leave her off the list. Ever since debuting in Impact earlier this year, her confidence has grown in the ring and also in her promos. She defeated Purrazzo for the title and is set to face Mickie James for the title this weekend at Bound For Glory. Since Trinity is such a big star she brings so many new eyes to the Impact Zone with people just wanting to support her, which is why she makes the list after all.

6: Tiffany Stratton: I truly never thought I would put Stratton on this list, but she killed it this year. She competed in the NXT Breakout Tournament, just coming short of Roxanne Perez and she became NXT Women’s Champion holding the title for 107 days. Her work this year has drastically improved and her feud with Becky Lynch definitely proved why she is a future star in WWE. Her match with Lynch at No Mercy is being considered by many as a MOTY candidate, which is why she is getting a spot on this list.

5: Bianca Belair: Although she has taken some well-deserved personal time throughout the summer, Belair carried the Raw Women’s Division on her back. Belair held the Raw Women’s Championship for 420 days becoming the longest reigning women’s champion of all time. She had amazing matches with Becky Lynch, Asuka, Bayley, and more. The only reason why she is not higher on my list is because of the personal time taken, but the EST of WWE definitely made a statement this year!

4: Giulia: Essentially the biggest international women’s wrestler this year. She is the current NJPW Strong Women’s Champion and has dominated the New Japan world throughout the year. She had her first match on American soil this past summer at Impact Multiverse United 2. Many people are awaiting the huge match between Mercedes Mone and Giulia which will most likely be a MOTY candidate. 

3: Rhea Ripley: Our Royal Rumble Winner! The only reason why I did not put Ripley at two or one is simply because of the title defenses. Since winning the title at Wrestlemania she has not defended the title as much since she is busy dealing with Judgement Day. Ripley has been a dominant champion and definitely deserves the title, I just wished she defended it more.

2: Toni Storm: The single-handed hardest working person in the AEW Women’s locker room. She is the fifth longest reigning champion and her current character work is brilliant. Storm defended the title nearly every week when she defended it and put over so many other women in the locker room. You can tell she loves what she is doing and that is why the fans are so into her new character. If she is not at least top three on the actual list, it’s rigged.

1: Athena: This may be a tad biased, but Athena definitely deserves the number one spot. She is nearly 50-0 in ROH competition and has the longest winning streak of any women’s wrestler within ROH. She wrestles every single week, whether she defends her title or not, and also has the best segment on ROH programming with the Minion In Training segments. She is closing in on a year as champion, and to me, she is the most female wrestler on TV today, which is why she deserves the number one spot.

Kimmy Sokol
Kimmy Sokol
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