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One Last Stop Before War Games: Crown Jewel Predictions 2023

We are towards the end of the year which means we only have two premium live events left in 2023 for WWE. As always these Saudi Arabia shows are meant for more of an attraction purpose rather than anything truly making sense on this card. However, some of these matches have the chance to be potential match-of-the-year candidates. Five championship matches, Roman Reigns’s possible final match of the year, and a possible Money in the Bank cash-in, here are my Crown Jewel Predictions.

Kickoff Show: Sami Zayn vs JD McDonagh:  WWE finally remembered we are allowed to have matches on the kickoff show! McDonagh has been through the wringer trying to get Judgement Day’s approval getting beat down every week on Raw. Unfortunately, this premium live event will be no different. Zayn will get the win here as hopefully, WWE has some direction on what to do with him since his tag team partner has been traded to Friday nights.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Main Show: Cody Rhodes vs Damian Priest: WWE needs to get Cody Rhodes out of this Judgement Day storyline. Every week Rhodes does the same program with Judgement Day and to be honest it is getting repetitive and boring. Please let this weekend’s show be the last time Rhodes does anything with Judgement Day until 2024.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

John Cena vs Sola Sikoa: John Cena has not won a singles match in WWE for a little over 2,000 days. Sikoa had an undefeated streak until earlier this year when Rhodes beat him in March of this year. Since this is a show where nothing makes sense and WWE does anything to make the crowd happy, Cena will get his much-needed win. Cena will most likely be wrestling at Survivor Series next month probably doing something else with The Bloodline.

Winner: John Cena

United States Championship: Rey Mysterio vs Logan Paul: Let the record show that I do not want Logan Paul to win this match, however, this makes the most sense. Although he does not wrestle on every show he puts on amazing matches every time he wrestles on TV. Mysterio is winding down on his career and if you are not going to put the title on Escobar this is the best-case scenario for a new champion.

Winner: “And New” Logan Paul

WWE Women’s Championship: Iyo Sky vs Bianca Belair: Iyo Sky’s title reign has been very enjoyable to watch on Friday nights. She and the rest of Damage CTRL have been doing some of their best work since forming in the summer of last year. Since Belair just came back to TV I think it is too early to put the title back on her. Sky should be the one defending that title at Wrestlemania, hopefully against Kairi Sane. Keep the title on Sky!

Winner: “And Still” Iyo Sky

WWE Women’s World Championship: Rhea Ripley vs Zoey Starks vs Shayna Bazler vs Nia Jax vs Raquel Rodriguez: Very happy over the fact Ripley remembered she could defend her championship instead of just handling Judgement Day business. Regardless, Ripley has no reason to lose the title here. Although she does not defend the title often she is the most dominant women’s champion in 2023. She is featured throughout all three WWE programs constantly. Not too many women can say the same thing. For that reason alone Ripley will retain her title here.

Winner: “And Still” Rhea Ripley

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre: No, Priest will not be cashing in during this match nor will he attempt to cash in during the main event. Storyline wise it does not make any sense for him to get involved in any of those matches. Rollins will put on a great match against McIntyre to retain his title. They have not built up Drew big enough to be the one to dethrone Rollins. However, it does seem that they are running out of challengers for the architect. Hopefully, some NXT call-ups can help with that issue going into 2024.

Winner: “And Still” Seth Rollins

WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns vs LA Knight: The LA Knight fans are not going to be happy about this one. I do think there is something more in the story that every time Knight gets a big opportunity he can never seem to win the big one, like Money in the Bank. Remember that tidbit for Mania season. Knight going to bring the fight to Reigns and the crowd in Saudi Arabia is going to be cheering loudly for him, but unfortunately, Knight is not the big name that is going to dethrone Reigns. Although I do not know which WWE Superstar will be the one to do it, it will not be LA Knight.

Winner: “And Still” Roman Reigns

WWE Crown Jewel 2023 will be streaming live on November 4th, 2023 at 1 PM EST on Peacock.

Kimmy Sokol
Kimmy Sokol
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