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WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Review: Returns, New Champs, and Shocking Moments

This show is one of the last premium live events of 2023! Many people were speculating about a possible return, a Money in the Bank cash-in, as well as brand new champions being crowned. Although these Saudi shows normally make no sense storyline-wise, the word online before the show started was that we were going to get a show that felt a lot like Wrestlemania. So, did Crown Jewel live up to the hype? Let’s review!

Kickoff Show: Sami Zayn vs JD McDonagh:

What a pop for Sami Zayn. McDonagh has this nasty bruise on his ribs that looked similar to what turf burn would look like, that had to hurt. This was a rubber match for both men since they both had singles wins over each other. Nothing much here Zayn gets a huge win to make the crowd in Saudi Arabia happy.

Winner: Sami Zayn

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre:

What a way to start the main card, by rustling my emotions. This match was phenomenal. This is not the first time we have seen both men face each other, but in every match they have had they show that they have instant chemistry. Rollins wins clean, which may foreshadow the reports of McIntyre possibly leaving WWE next year. After the match was over Damian Priest attempted to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase when a hooded figure attacked Priest. This hooded figure was revealed to be Sami Zayn who stole through the crowd with the briefcase.

Winner: “And Still” Seth Rollins

WWE Women’s World Heavyweight Championship: Rhea Ripley vs Zoey Stark vs Nia Jax vs Raquel Rodriguez vs Shayna Bazler:

Ripley had a cool entrance with members of the Saudi Arabian crowd standing on the ramp with lanterns to add more smoke to her already star-studded entrance. This match was a way to get more women on the card and they all shined throughout the match. Stark did a moonsault to the outside that took out one of the cameramen at ringside. Ripley pins Stark to retain the title as she screams into the camera “Mami is always on top”

Winner: “And Still” Rhea Ripley 

John Cena vs Sola Sikoa:

Thanks, Sola for messing up my perfect predictions…I did not enjoy this match, it was way too long and Cena barely got any offense in (that was the point I know). Every match Cena has had in 2023 has not been his best and whether you want to blame him for getting older or possibly him losing his touch in the ring the question remains when is Cena finally going to hang it all up and retire? After the match, Cena stayed in the ring while the crowd chanted his name and gave him a standing ovation. The crowd chanted Thank you Cena as he made his way to the back.

Winner: Sola Sikoa

Miz TV:

Ibrahim Al Hajjaj who is marked as the greatest actor in Saudi Arabia joined the Miz in this segment. They were hyping up the new movie Sattar when Grayson Waller came out and interrupted him. Waller says we need to treat Hajjaj as the star he truly is and that is why we need a better talk show and instructs the ring crew to change Miz TV into the  Grayson Waller Effect. Hajjaj says he agreed to be a part of the hottest talk show in WWE and that is Miz TV. Waller wants to teach Hijjaj a lesson and takes a shot at him. This then leads to a two-on-one attack between Hijjaj and The Miz attacking Waller. A fun way to pop the crowd.

United States Championship: Rey Mysterio vs Logan Paul:

Instead of riding into the arena on a camel like he did last year, he drove in on a fancy dune car, only Logan Paul. This match was slow and more technical than I would have thought this match would be. At one point in the match, Mysterio almost landed right on his head until Paul caught him to nearly save his life. Towards the end of the match, one of Paul’s friends gives him the brass knuckles when Santos Escobar gets involved. As he chases Paul’s friend away he leaves the brass knuckles in the ring for Paul to use to help him get the win.

Winner: “And New” Logan Paul

WWE Women’s Championship: Iyo Sky vs Bianca Belair:

Ahoy! A pirate has returned! This match was a great back-and-forth between two women who are at the top of their game right now in WWE. As soon as Bayley came out halfway through the match, you knew someone else was going to be joining her. Kairi Sane attacks Belair to help Iyo retain the title. The interesting thing about this is Bayley looked as if she had no idea this was a part of the “Damage CTRL Plan”. The last time we saw Sane was against Bayley as she destroyed her. Time will tell where this story goes, but Sky retains!

Winner: “And Still” Iyo Sky

Cody Rhodes vs Damian Priest:

Priest didn’t even let the bell ring before he attacked Rhodes to get the match going. This match as expected was interference galore. This started with Finn Balor and Dom Dom trying to help Priest win when Jey Uso came to the aid of the American Nightmare. The crowd was into this match which further shows you how much of a mistake it was for Rhodes not to win the title in California earlier this year. To the surprise of no one Rhodes picks up the necessary win now please have him move on from Judgement Day.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Championship: Roman Reigns vs LA Knight:

A sea of signs saying yeah in both English and Arabic flooded the crowd, that was such a cool sight to see. Knight got so much offense in he shined here. If you are not on the LA Knight train, this match made you believe that one day will be LA Knight’s time. Jimmy Uso gets involved to save Reigns from losing his title as Knight takes Uso out seconds later. Unfortunately, the numbers game was not enough, the tribal chief won again.

Winner: “And Still” Roman Reigns


I thought Crown Jewel was a good show. I do like the afternoon premium live events because it still gives you the whole day to truly do whatever you want. The matches were good and we are starting to build towards Wargames and the end of the year. I guess the question remains who will be the one to stop the tribal chief?

WWE Crown Jewel 2023 is streaming now on Peacock 

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Kimmy Sokol
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