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Slow Pulp & Babehoven Warm the Hearts of a Sold-Out Crowd at Montréal’s Bar Le Ritz PDB

Pop Break Live: Slow Pulp “2023 World Tour” with Babehaven at Bar Le Ritz PDB in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Words + Photos: Matt DiPaola

Wisconsin’s Slow Pulp brought their Midwestern charm to a sold-out crowd in Montréal on Monday night at Bar Le Ritz.  This was only their second time in the French-speaking, European-feeling creative centre of Canada and a long way from their first show of playing to only 15 people.

They kicked off their set with a slew of shoegazey songs, including the fuzzy “Slugs” from their latest album, Yard, followed by the laidback “Idaho” and the poppy ’90s nostalgic “At It Again,” both from their 2020 debut album, Moveys.

Emily’s vulnerable lyrics and vocals on “Falling Apart” and “New Horse” slowed things down and connected emotionally with the lost souls watching the performance through their iPhones to share later.  At this point, Emily loosened up a bit and started to have fun with the Montréalers, jokingly asking anyone if they were on their period before livening things up with “Cramps” and “Worm,” both from the new album.

Letting her personality show a bit more, Emily and the band started to have fun on stage performing “Broadview,” “Mud,” “Fishes” and closed with a powerful performance of “At Home.”   After what was the quickest return for an encore ever, Emily introduced the band and sang a mesmerizing version of the title song, “Yard” with Alex on keys.   She was finally able to get the crowd fully engaged during “High” by challenging them to sing louder than the Vancouver crowd, which Montreal did, for the record.

Opening for Slow Pulp was Babehoven, led by an endearing Maya Bon. Babehoven played a warm and earnest set including “Break the Ice,” “I’m on Your Team” from their new album Light Moving Time, “Stapling” and “Fugazi” from their EP Sunk and the indie pop “Alt. Lena” from their 2021 album Nastabi, Calliope. The band also teased some new unreleased songs, before closing with a soulful rendition of “Often.”

Both bands were well prepared with merch for the sold out show, which hopefully made the trip to Montréal worthwhile.

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