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Every Pod You Cast – Episode 1: Outlandos d’Amour, 1978

It’s Every Pod You Cast, a podcast dedicated to the British rock band The Police! Justin Mancini of TheCineMaverick.com & Cinema Joes is joined by Chris Mancini and Randy Allain of Media/Lit as they delve into the discography of the postpunk power trio, from 1978 to 1983.

In the first official episode of the season, Justin, Chris, and Randy examine The Police’s debut album from 1978 — Outlandos d’Amour. They talk Andy Summers’ power of poetry, Stewart Copeland’s big boy drum fills, and of course, Sting’s famous posterior piano playing. They also find time to discuss other artists they’ve been listening to apart from The Police.

Host Picks:

Loved You Since I Knew You (A Song We Think Is Underrated or Just Really Like)

Chris – “Peanuts”

Justin – “Truth Hits Everybody”

Randy – “Hole in My Life”

King of Pain (A Song We Don’t Like So Much)

Chris – “Born in the 50s”

Justin – “Be My Girl – Sally”

Randy – “Masoko Tanga”

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (A Favorite Lyric)

Chris – “Be My Girl – Sally”

Justin – “Born in the 50s”

Randy – “Born in the 50s”

A Little Thing They Did Was Magic (A Favorite Musical Moment)

Chris – “Masoko Tanga”

Justin – “Roxanne”

Randy – “Can’t Stand Losing You”

Other Artists We’ve Been Listening To:

Chris – Jinjer

Justin – Nirvana

Randy – Jonathan Richman

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