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Roses & Rejections: The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 4

Welcome back to another episode of our podcast all about the ABC reality series The Bachelor and its many spin-offs.

ThePopBreak.com’s Michelle Coraci, who has been recapping all things Bachelor for The Pop Break for years, and co-host DJ Chapman, of Mostly Nitpicking, are back covering the franchise mothership, with season twenty-eight of The Bachelor!

This week, Michelle and DJ have a massive packed episode. They cover the two-night special that was The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 4. They cover all of the drama from Maria and Sydney’s 2 on 1 date to the fallout with Lea and Madina. They then cover a nice helping of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Next Level Chef, AND Jersey Shore Family Vacation for a huge episode with a ton to talk about. Shoutout to Bachelor Data on Instagram for helping out with some fun stats.

If you have thoughts or suggestions for what you’d like Michelle and DJ to cover during the offseason or opinion about all things Bachelor & Bachelorette, be sure to reach out via twitter @Roses&Rejections!

ABC’s Official Plot Summary for The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 4:

The Bachelor is hitting the road – first stop, Malta. The 15 remaining women pack their bags and prepare to join Joey overseas as the next phase on his journey to find love begins. First up, one lucky lady joins Joey as they explore the gorgeous capital city, Valleta, and share an emotional dinner with its historic coast serving as the backdrop. Then, the largest group date of the season has the women prepared to go medieval in their fight for love, and the tension growing in the house comes to a head on a two-on-one date, plus, a cocktail party full of thorns. Will the waters off the coast be the only thing offering clarity, or will Joey get the answers he needs to hand out a date rose?

The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 4 is on demand and on Hulu the day following the premiere.

The 15 women vying for Joey’s heart are the following:
Allison, 26, a realtor from Philadelphia, Penn.
Autumn, 26, an account executive from St. Louis, Mo.
Daisy, 25, an account executive from Becker, Minn.
Edwina, 25, an entrepreneur from Atlanta, Ga.
Jenn, 25, a physician assistant student from Miami, Fla.
Jessica “Jess,” 24, an executive assistant from San Diego, Calif.
Katelyn, 25, a radiochemist from Santa Fe, N.M.
Kelsey A., 25, a junior project manager from New Orleans, La.
Kelsey T., 31, an actor from Los Angeles, Calif.
Maria “Lea,” 23, an account manager from Waipahu, Hawaii
Alexandra “Lexi,” 30, a digital strategist from Atlanta, Ga.
Madina, 31, a mental health therapist from Charlotte, N.C.
Maria, 29, an executive assistant from Kleinburg, Ontario
Rachel, 26, an ICU nurse from Honolulu, Hawaii
Sydney, 28, a vintage store owner from Newport, R.I.



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