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Team Bill vs Team Kimmy ROH Supercard of Honor 2024 Predictions

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Ring of Honor is set to have their first pay-per-view of the year in Supercard of Honor! Stardom wrestlers will also be appearing on the show for the first time under the Tony Khan era of ROH. As you know most of these Ring of Honor shows, the matches are usually announced at the last second so I am sure there will be more matches from what we put in this article.

ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament Final: Billie Starkz vs Queen Aminata:

Kimmy: There are so many ways that this match can go and that is the most exciting thing about it. My intended finals were Leyla Hirsch vs Rachael Ellering, but ROH decided to do that as one of the opening matches instead of the finals. On one hand, you can have Starkz win here and have Athena lose later on to have Athena turn on Starkz to start that feud again. The other thing you can do is have Aminata win here and have so many great matches with the diverse ROH Women’s roster they have. Just know that whatever happens in this match is going to affect what happens in Athena’s match later on, but for the sake of a winner bow down to the queen.

Winner: Queen Aminata

Bill: This is a tough one to call and I love that. AEW has built up Queen Aminata so much on social and digital media as a highly sympathetic figure that people can really around. Meanwhile, it’s Billie Starkz we’re talking about here. She’s such an over babyface, it’d be hard not to want her to win. I’m going with The Queen here, because I still think Billie is the one to dethrone Athena.

Winner: Queen Aminata

ROH World Television Championship: Kyle Fletcher vs Lee Johnson

Kimmy: I would love the explanation as to why ROH started an entire storyline with Ethan Page starting his quest toward the Television Championship, including calling out Fletcher, and all of a sudden this storyline has disappeared. Regardless if Fletcher is going to be doing more things with the Callis family on AEW, put the title on Johnson who has been on TV every week and has an impressive winning streak.

Winner: “And New” Lee Johnson

Bill: The Don Callis Family has taken too many L’s — unless you’re named Will Ospreay — in 2024. I don’t think Big Shotty takes this one. He’s a good wrestler, no doubt, but I think there’s still juice left on the squeeze with Kyle Fletcher. I do hope Ethan page re-emerges tonight at some point — although in the World Title Picture — not the TV Title.

Winner: “And Still” Kyle Fletcher

Stardom Showcase: Mei Seira and Empress Nexus Venus (Mina Shirakawa and Maika) vs  Tam Nakano and Queen’s Quest (Saya Kamitani and AZM)

Kimmy: This has the potential to be the match of the entire weekend. Now I am not as familiar with Stardom, but I do know that all six of these women are some of the best that the company has. The fans in attendance are in for a good match on this show!

Winners: Mei Seira and Empress Nexus Venus (Mina Shirakawa and Maika) 

Bill: I’m only familiar with AZM and Tam Nakano, so I’m highly intrigued by this match. I think Nexus Venus gets the Dub here, because given Timeless Toni Storm’s appearance at the Stardom show at the 2300 Arena and her getting in Shirakawa’s face, this is the match we’ll be getting with Forbidden Door.

Winners: Mei Seira and Empress Nexus Venus (Mina Shirakawa and Maika) 

ROH Women’s Championship: Athena vs Hikaru Shida:

Kimmy: This is honestly the match I am most excited for on the whole show. To me, if Starkz does not win the title earlier in the night, Athena has to win here. The end goal should be Starkz being the one to dethrone Athena after her historic reign. However, I will not be shocked if Shida wins just to do something new. The pure shock on Athena’s face if she loses the title here, plus a new batch of fresh matches from Shida would be great for ROH. Now since I am a minion, I do have to pick my minion overlord here, so Athena will retain!

Winner: “And Still” Athena”

Bill: Athena gets the win her. Love Shida, but she’s not going to take this title. If this were Shida vs. Aminata or Shida vs. Billie, I’d say there’s no doubt she’s winning. Athena, however, is the Forever ROH champion and until they place someone full-time in ROH to challenge her (is that even a thing these days?), there’s no way she’s dropping it.

Winner: “And Still” Athena”

Fight Without Honor: Dalton Castle vs Johnny TV:

Kimmy: The most entertaining thing on ROH TV every week has been this storyline. However, due to the AEW releases that took place earlier in the week, a lot has changed. Now that The Boys are no longer under contract, it seems that the months of build for this match seemingly do not matter anymore. For the sake of things just making sense, Castle will get the win here to get his mojo back and move on to bigger and better things.

Winner: Dalton Castle

Bill: Dalton will get the win here. Why? He’s going to get help from some “guest boys” — could it be Motor City Machine Guns? Nah. I think it’ll be some combination of “friends” who’ll come in and help Dalton get his vengeance on Johnny TV.

Winner: Dalton Castle

ROH World Heavyweight Championship: Eddie Kingston vs Mark Briscoe:

Kimmy: Fun fact I was there live 11 years ago to the day of this show when Jay Briscoe won the ROH World Heavyweight Championship, and I will be there live when his brother does the same thing. With AEW splitting up the Triple Crown Championship, there is no way Kingston is retaining here when he is still settling feuds within AEW. Plus, with Mark winning not only will it be an emotional moment, but we will finally have a consecutive male champion on TV every week!

Winner: “And New” Mark Briscoe

Bill: No matter who wins, I hope Ethan Page comes in and is the challenger. I think he’d be a great, vicious, pissed off heel who tried doing the “right thing” and it got him nowhere, so he’s going to come in and unleash hell. If that’s the plan, then it has to be Mark Briscoe winning here. He’s the perfect sympathetic babyface for Ethan to go after. Regardless of my fantasy booking, Mark winning here is a perfect ROH moment.

Winner: “And New” Mark Briscoe

ROH SuperCard of Honor is streaming live on April 5th at 7 PM EST exclusively on Honor Club

The current record in Bill vs Kimmy is 2-2-2

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