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AEW Dynamite 4/10/24: The All-In Footage Leads to a Strange Dynamite

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Let’s get it out of the way, shall we? With much hype and controversy, mostly with the wonderful, thoughtful, kindhearted individuals who roam the interwebs, the Young Bucks did in fact, air the security camera footage of what happened during All In. it showed exactly what we knew, CM Punk taking the first shot at Jack Perry. 

There isn’t a need to detail, rehash, or go any deeper into it. It’s real, it happened. Everyone has their opinions, and my personal one is that I don’t care. I don’t think it was necessary to air it, but they did and now it is done, over, finished. 

Credit has to be given to the Bucks and to FTR for using this as a Macguffin for their upcoming AEW Tag Team Championship match at Dynasty. In fact, I will say the impassioned promo by FTR, specifically from Dax Harwood slyly took the heat off the video and made it more about meaning of being a professional wrestler. 

Well done Dax. 

Onto the rest of the show which included a lot of wrestling tonight, and wrestling is GOOD!

The show should have begun with Dustin Rhodes vs. Samoa Joe but as Joe made his way to the ring, Swerve Strickland blindsided and sent Joe crashing through tables. Ouchie. 

Instead, we kick off with the TNT Championship match, where Adam Copeland retains against Penta El Zero M

A fantastic match. Fun match. A great wrestling match! It was insane to see Copeland keep pace successfully with Penta and even scored some aerial moves of his own. I don’t think I have seen Copeland perform a flying headscissors or hurricanrana since 1999! Crazy spot with Copeland powerslaming Penta on the ring apron, and later on accidentally spearing Alex Abrahantes.

Post-match, Julia Hart and Brody King ambushed Copeland, who was saved by Willow Nightingale! Brilliant! Loved this segment. This leads to a funny backstage segment with Eddie Kingston, Mark Briscoe, Copeland and Willow. Initially Stokely challenges Copeland to defend the TNT Championship against Willow. The real reveal is for Copeland and Willow to face Julia and King in a mixed tag match next week. 

Eddie and Mark are hysterical, and I am 100% convinced Eddie was going improv on this one. He’s the best. 

Shane Taylor Productions defeated Katsuyori Shibata, Chris Jericho, and Hook

Shocking to see Shibata get pinned, but it made sense. Prior to the match Jericho went over the top on tell both Hook and Shibata to follow his exact instructions, pushing himself as their “teacher.” The match did not go as Jericho wanted, which results in himself and Hook arguing while STP overwhelm Shibata who is left defenseless. My guess is we will soon see Jericho vs. Hook for the FTW Championship. Unless we see some sort of triple threat including Shibata to which I would not complain at all. Or just give us Hook vs. Shibata. Jericho can sit ringside and do commentary. 

Okada defeated Jobber

The Rainmaker accepts PAC’s challenge for Dynasty, which brings The Bastard out. Before he could confront Okada, the Young Bucks attack him. However, the timely intervention of FTR prevents any further problems. My guess is next week we get FTPac vs. The New Elite.

Toni Storm’s Champagne Toast with Thunder Rosa devolved fairly quickly, and not when Luther drank directly from the bottle. Storm went right after Rosa, and then smudged the paint all over her face. Deonna Purrazzo came out to help Rosa, but was shoved away. Purrazzo had some expletive words for Rosa and then stormed off. Oops. 

Mariah May then comes out for her match against Anna Jay. Storm plants a big kiss on Mariah’s cheek before being carried away by Luther. May and Jay have a fantastic match. Superb in my opinion. Anna Jay consistently delivers good matches. She’s straight-up good. Put her in the ring and she gives 100% and makes matches look solid. She did not lose via finisher but by a countered roll up into a pinning combination. Both women had tons of offense, one of the better women’s matches in recently memory. 

After the match Anna Jay seemed to snap and lock in the main event sleeper, until Mina Shirakawa from STARDOM rushed out for the save. Shirakawa gets frisky with some champagne, and then gives Mariah a massive kiss on the lips. 

It is me or do a lot of people seem to like kissing Maria May. 

Samoa Joe defeated Dustin Rhodes

Dustin got color early on. He bleeds just as much, if not more than Mox. Really good match, with plenty of moments where it seemed Dustin could have won. Alas, it was not to be, and Dustin’s odd behavior of nearly getting himself disqualified is what cost him to lose, when behind the ref’s back, Joe hit Dustin with the championship title belt and pinned him. 

After the match Joe tried choking out The Natural, until Swerve kicked him hard in the face, delivering another beatdown. Joe runs off as Prince Nana hands the championship to Swerve and begins dancing. 

Folks, the AEW World Championship looks good with Swerve. 

A strange episode of Dynamite, but one with lots of wrestling which is what counts. A lot of the backstage segments felt off. The footage from the Bucks just didn’t seem to win anyone over, and even I felt this was an unnecessary action from Team Elite. 

Hard to truly grade tonight’s show, but it does leave me wondering how many more matches we will get announced for Dynasty. 

AEW Dynamite 4/10/24 is now streaming on the TBS app.

Michael Dworkis
Michael Dworkis
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