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Socially Distanced #205: X-Men ’97 Burns It Down & Madame Web Makes Us Want To

The Socially Distanced Podcast is hosted by two pop culture obsessed dads who decided to take their Facebook messenger conversations and turn them into a podcast. In 2022 they brought their friend, a pop culture obsessed mom to the show, and things got even better!

Join hosts Al Mannarino, Amanda Rivas and Bill Bodkin as they discuss everything in the world movies, music, sports, television and pop culture — everything keeping them sane in this time of socially distancing. This podcast is powered by ThePopBreak.com.

Yes, it’s the Madame Web episode of Socially Distanced, so pack your party bags people it’s gonna be a large one.

Bill  Bodkin is in the host chair to discuss this cinematic classic that was just in theaters two weeks ago and is now on VOD…at a discounted price.

Bill is joined by “The Human Star Wars Encyclopedia” Amanda Rivas, as well as the hosts of Not Couple Goals — “The Magical Lad” Tyler McCarthy and “The First Queen of Thirst” Allie Nelson.

This conversation becomes completely unhinged at times as they try to figure out how Madame Web was made, what anyone was thinking on every level of production, why Cassie Web absolutely sucks, why the villain is completely ADR’ed and has no real motivation, how the film squanders it’s talented triumvirate of teens, how Adam Scott feels like the only human in the film, and the insult this movie does to Spider-man.

Luckily, in the pre-game segment they talk about the amazing X-Men ’97 episode and more importantly the mid-season trailer for the season and the big reveal that came at the end. They discuss how time travel, The Avengers, the multiverse and Deadpool could all factor into the series.


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