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Blake Rose Brings His Dynamic ‘Suddenly Okay Tour’ to Philly

Pop Break Live: Blake Rose at The Foundry at The Fillmore Philadelphia for ‘The Suddenly Okay Tour’ on April 22, 2024.

Rising artist Blake Rose brought his highly anticipated headlining ‘The Suddenly Okay Tour‘ to The Foundry at The Fillmore in Philadelphia on April 22. The 25-year-old Australian born singer-songwriter producer, who is now rooted in Los Angeles, has been garnering fans around the globe since the release of his 2021 album, A World Gone By and with his subsequent EP/albums Lost and You’ll Get it When You’re Older. Rose is touring in support of his new EP Suddenly Okay, released on March 24th. His fans must be thrilled that he announced it’s just the first of 3 projects he’ll be releasing this year!

Rose started the night off with “Rollerblades.” The Foundry is very intimate and the fans were within a few feet of the stage, so this was a really up close and personal type show. The next song was “Don’t Stop the Car,” a high-energy anthem that I would have thought would be reserved for the encore. It really fired up this crowd and set the tone for the rest of the night. He was backed by a talented two-piece band (drummer and guitarist) while Rose played guitar and the keys. The crowd clapped along on “Casanova,” a popular fun song off his debut album. In between songs he’d tell the audience the inspiration on some of the songs. A few were thought provoking like on “Demon,” which he said was about accountability and no regrets on your deathbed. On a lighter side, he noted on the song “Heavy Shit,” he just wanted to see how many times he could use the word shit in a song. The audience laughed. He was funny and endearing during the set and ever so charismatic.

He slowed it down with a beautiful version of “Ordinary People.” Some other highlights included “Suddenly Ok” and “Hotel Room” which prompted a couple in the very back of the venue to slow dance. It was sweet. I can’t say enough about his band. The back to back songs “Lady” and” Never Let Go” was eight minutes of pure bliss due to the drumming and soaring guitar licks. Rose ended the night with “Lost,” as the audience swayed with hands in the air.

Blake Rose has a knack for consistently putting out pop music with catchy lyrics and melodies that just get stuck in your head. His writing runs the gamut from love, loss, heartache and real life experiences. His lyrics and tales are relatable and you could see he struck a cord with many in this crowd during his set. There is no doubt his fans will be anxiously awaiting his two other projects he promised for this year. Overall, this was a fantastic show!



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