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Royalty Awaits: WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024 Predictions

It is that time of the year again as WWE heads to Saudi Arabia to host King and Queen of the Ring 2024. WWE is again sticking with their shorter premium live event card as this show only has five matches announced on the main card. With all of that being said let’s predict the card!

King of the Ring Tournament Final: Gunther vs (Randy Orton or Tama Tonga): With Bash in Berlin fast approaching, Gunther needs to look strong going into that show. I firmly believe on that show he will be winning the World Heavyweight Championship, from either CM Punk or Drew McIntyre to start the ultimate reign of Gunther and that is exactly why he will be winning the King of the Ring.

Winner: Gunther

Queen of the Ring Tournament Final: Lyra Valkyria vs (Bianca Belair or Nia Jax): Although so many people were shocked that Valkyria got the shocking win this past Monday against Iyo Sky, I had Valkyria winning the Raw bracket from the start. As this is the second ever Queen of the Ring they present this title to an underdog wrestler like Zelina Vega, which is why they are going to stick to this theme going forward.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria

Women’s World Championship: Becky Lynch vs Liv Morgan: The most important thing about this match is the fact that as of this writing (Tuesday Morning), Lynch has yet to resign from WWE, and her contract is set to expire within the next couple of weeks. I do not see a scenario where Lynch does not resign with WWE, but this is something intriguing to consider when picking a winner. I think Morgan was supposed to be the one to dethrone Rhea Ripley of the title before her injury and now is the chance for her to win the title in a fair one one-on-one match. Especially with her seemingly being involved with Judgment Day the last couple of weeks on Raw.

Winner: “And New” Liv Morgan

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn vs Bronson Reed vs Chad Gable: Why do we have triple-threat matches in wrestling? To protect people! In this case, we are protecting Zayn. Gable has done tremendous heel work over the last couple of weeks and now is the time to capitalize on that. In typical heel fashion Gable will pin Reed, and do not be surprised if Otis helps him get that win either. This will set up a long summer feud between Zayn and Gable since Gable did not pin the champion.

Winner: “And New” Chad Gable

Undisputed WWE Championship: Cody Rhodes vs Logan Paul: Thank the heavens this is not a double championship match like most people expected this to be. I think this will be a fun matchup as Rhodes will bring out the best in Paul and will send the crowd in Saudi Arabia happy as Rhodes gets the win.

Winner: “And Still” Cody Rhodes

WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024 will be streaming live on Peacock on May 25th at 1 PM EST

Kimmy Sokol
Kimmy Sokol
Kimmy Sokol is known to do many things in the world of professional wrestling. If she is not writing on thepopbreak, she is co-hosting The Bob Culture Podcast and traveling the country working with the biggest wrestling superstars on the convention scene.


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